Your Weekend Tarot Reading – What’s the Psychic Message? Michele Knight

Your Weekend Tarot Reading – Cosmic advice to boost you.

What energy is around you this weekend? Are you drawn to one of these three Tarot cards? Is there a psychic message for you behind one. Take a few deep breaths and allow your heart to choose the card right for you.

Tarot Card One – The Emperor

I find the energy of the Wild Unknown Tarot deck Emperor very different to any other Tarot deck. Here we see a Tall, healthy tree in shadow with what appears to be an eclipse with the Moon covering the Sun.

I’m getting a specific message regarding this today. The Emperor urges you to seek strength in consistency, in being true to yourself. You might have an energy in your life that is controlling or dominant. This card shows that the Moon is as strong as the Sun and that you are entitled to be the ruler of your Universe, it is not for anyone else to rule over you. Equally, we cannot control or dominate others; we are all born to be free. There are a time and a place for this powerful energy. Do what is right.

Tarot Card Two – The Nine of Pentacles

You have worked hard to earn the abundance in your life, and whether it is an abundance of money, love, recognition, intuition, there is a part of your life you are happy with and can now enjoy. So, you are stepping into a time of confidence. You are enchanting, compelling, and at peace with yourself.

This weekend is an excellent time to spend time in nature, in the garden or with your beloved animals. If you live in a city take a trip to the nearest park or river. Contentment, success and a massive pat on the back is coming your way.

Tarot Card Three – The Six of Wands

Great Moon Goddesses of joy! The six of Wands is assuring you that victory is coming. You are conquering a situation, achieving an ambition and seen for who you are. On top of that, you believe in yourself! When we think we can accomplish a goal, and that we deserve it, we open a magical portal to success, Ok, we also have to do the hard graft.

The 6 of Wands indicates that you will have a fabulous moment of triumph and well deserved praise. Don’t rest on your laurels though, after the weekend there’s more wonder to create.

2 thoughts on “Your Weekend Tarot Reading – What’s the Psychic Message? Michele Knight

  1. My chosen card this weekend was the 9 of pentacles. At this moment it is so very precise. It gives confidence and clarity.

  2. Love your reading. I follow you religiously. Am an aquarian and going through a life altering change these last 7 years. Looking forward to many more great weeks of Michele Knight inspiration! Thanks Doll

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