Your Video Tarot Reading with Michele Knight – Weekend Vibes

Your Video Tarot Reading

Pick a Tarot Card

Focus on the five Tarot cards and sense if you feel one of the cards is meant for you. Is there a message about this weekends vibes? Once you have selected your Tarot card, scroll down and watch the video. Let me know in the comments below if you could relate to your card.

Tarot Card One – 10 of Wands

Problem solving

Are you feeling overwhelmed with tasks and responsibilities? Are you the one having to deal with all sorts of pressures when others are slacking off?

Yes, there’s a lot of obligations around you. Has this become a pattern? Are you so used to dealing with everything that you’ve forgotten to ask for support and advice?

Don’t panic. You are a powerful being. Yes, you feel worn down at the moment, but it may not be as bad as you think. If you look at the card, there are more practical ways of carrying this bundle of burdens! Take your problems one at a time, individually sort them. Take time out to rest, and then you can turn these wands into magic wands that hurtle you to victory.

Tarot Card Two – The Sun

Joy and Happiness

The Sun is bringing you a boost of happiness. Expect to experience pleasure this weekend. Co-create with the Universe, and make plan to indulge in experiences and activities that bring you joy. Each moment of pleasure heightens our energy and in turn, draws further wonder to us. Your video Tarot reading suggests laughter, giggles and fun this weekend.

Tarot Card Three – 6 of Cups

Hang with those that have a loving heart.

The six of cups brings time with a soul connection. 6 of Cups people radiate love, they get us. When we meet a 6 of Cups connection we feel as if we’ve known them for eternity. Sometimes the 6 of Cups is an old childhood friend who loves us unconditionally. Whether its a past life union or an old pal, expect to experience a reminder of your own sweet, sweet spirit. Your heart is pure, you’re a unique soul who is worthy of love.

Tarot Card Four – 4 of Pentacles

Holding on

Darling precious one, you have been through a tough time. You are holding on, but are you building a wall that is stopping the flow of love and abundance you so rightly deserve?

When we are overwhelmed or hurt, we can block ourselves off. We can cling onto the little we have for fear of losing everything. Sometimes we fear letting go of lovers or friends that are not good for us. Perhaps we feel unworthy of love or had our self esteem damaged in the past?

It could be that we have experienced scarcity, and hold on tightly to money or possessions? The cosmos is suggesting it is time to let go, to let the flow back in. Open your arms to love, to receiving and trusting again.

Tarot Card Five – Strength

The power of gentleness

Strength comes to you today to remind you that you are powerful, that you have an unconquerable spirit. If there are situations in your life where people are trying to repress or control you, if you feel annoyed or stressed out, reach into your inner warrior of love.

The Strength card shows that real strength is gentle. Losing your temper can disempower you, it also might be exactly what someone wants! Use your strength to listen, to be compassionate but with healthy boundaries.

The cosmos is wrapping you in strength and asking you to believe in yourself.




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