Your Psychic Tarot Card Reading – Which Card Will Your Senses Choose?

Your Psychic Tarot Card Reading – Which Card Will Your Senses Choose?

We are all far more psychic than we know. Using your intuition do you feel that one of these cards has a message for you? Look at the back of the Tarot cards and rather than thinking, feel which one stands out. Scroll down for your answer. These images are taken from my upcoming Tarot deck the Knight-Waite Tarot.


Tarot Card One – The World
the world tarot

Congratulations, wonderous one,

You are about to arrive at a peak experience. You are approaching a milestone, a reward, a moment of ‘all is well’. Celebrate the moment, breathe in your victory, and revel in your well-deserved arrival.

The World reminds us that it’s all just a dance, and we should step lightly. We dance with the entire cycle of existence to different rhythms at different times, flowing with all of the energies that swirl around us. The World tells us that you might be at the end of one chapter, but a whole new book is about to start.

Tarot Card Two – The Queen of Wands

queen of wands

Greetings Fire Queen,

Do you feel your energy surging? You are stepping into your strength and about to take positive action. You know the direction you want to go in and are fearless in pursuit of your desires.

The Queen of Wands is a fire sign, and she’s action personified. This Queen does not suffer fools gladly, she’s feisty and bold, Madame Wands opens her arms to the Universe and says ‘ let’s go’.

What adventure do you want to go on. You can be assertive and comfortable in your power without being angry, you are now in charge of your destiny.
Allow your free spirit, your unique and confident self rule the show this week.

Tarot Card Three – The Empress

the empress

The Empress – Sensual, Abundant, Creative, Nurturer

The Empress urges us to examine, embrace, ground, and live in our creative center. They rule sensuality, magnetism, nurturing.

They know that we can attract by merely tapping into our creative potential. ‘Relaxed in their power, giving birth to ideas, energy, babies, and wild things she’s open, warm-hearted, and confident.

What feelings does the Empress bring up in you? Do you feel that you embody these qualities or that you can step into this vibe? Are you flowing in your being? The Empress is reminding you that you are a creator.

Tarot Card Four – The King of Wands

King of Wands

Opportunity rides in or you gallop off at top speed in search of it. An idea sprouts wings and the most important message of this card is to do something with it. Because no matter how infused with fire, passion and inspiration it is, unless you put it into action you’ll not see the fruits of your fabulousness. 

The King of Wands can appear as a passionate, eager and courageous individual. Adventurous, swashbuckling and unafraid to take a chance. Their wow factor fearlessness isn’t faked. It’s their genuine self-belief that wins them so many hearts, admirers and yes, prizes. Or is this an aspect of you daring you to unleash it? This King says: Go big or go home. There are no half measures now. Is this you or someone else? Embrace it.

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