Interactive Tarot Reading – Crystal Box Reading

Your Interactive Tarot Reading – Crystal Box Reading

Ah, look, a box of delicious crystals! Each crystal vibrates uniquely and helps us upgrade our vibration. What energy is forming around you? Which card are you drawn to? Focus on the 3 Tarot cards in the crystal box and allow your psychic energy to feel which card is meant for you.

Tarot Card One – The 6 of Pentacles

You are going to be in a position where you can share your energy, love or abundance with another. Sharing is a real pleasure for you at the moment, and the more you share, the more abundance rolls in. There is a feeling of giving all around you and also unexpected receiving.

You are getting into a groove with your happiness, and, in turn, want to bestow good vibes to others. There may be someone around you that is going to be generous or give you what you need; they do this not to win or have one over you, but because of your innate generosity of spirit. Your love and kindness has touched many souls.

Meditate with a green or green and purple Fluorite. Hold it in your left hand and feel the energy circling your aura clockwise. Feel a light of protection all around you and your inner being open up to giving and receiving. Know you are a beacon of abundance. If you don’t have a fluorite crystal visualise a green and purple light.

Tarot Card Two – The Queen of Cups

Yay! You’re in the zone. You are letting your guard down and trusting your intuition and your ability to navigate life with an open heart. Listen to your spirit and trust her compassionate voice. You may be training as a healer, a psychic, a writer, actor or anything that involves connecting on a deeper level.

You may meet a water sign woman who is helpful and loving towards you.

Meditate with Amythest and feel your intuition unfolding. Place the amethyst over your third eye (or visualise a dark purple light) and see what messages come to you.

Tarot Card Three – The Lovers

You are thinking about love and the progression of love. If you are single, this is a good indicator that a new relationship is on the way. If you have a partner or partners, then you can expect a reboot of butterflies and sensuality. Love is unfurling, and there may be a choice to make. If you aren’t interested in intimate relationships, you can use the vibe around you to heal your relationship with yourself and channel your passion into whatever you desire.

Grab yourself a rose quartz (or visualise a pink light) and place it on your heart chakra. Visualise the unconditional love of the cosmos pouring into you, healing any wounds and allowing you to express your authentic soul.

3 thoughts on “Interactive Tarot Reading – Crystal Box Reading

  1. I chose crystal card no 2, this card exerted a strong pull of intuition. I seem to be meeting a lot of Pisces folk (water). Just thought I would mention that. At home I randomly pull cards (after shuffling) from 2/3 different decks. I do this as the cards help not only to focus but give useful insights for the month ahead….The Queen of water already sits on my home altar surrounded by other cards which so far consist of water and fire..

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