Your Full Moon Tarot Reading – Which card has a message for you?

Full Moon Reading – Pick a Tarot card

The Full Moon is always an opportunity to tap into our psychic intuition. Full Moon can also be an emotional time as the Moon taps into our unconscious feelings, knowing and desires. It can also drag up our banshee launching hidden anger or fear.

Is there a message behind one of the three Tarot cards for you? Tune into your own psychic ability before you scroll down to your answer. What message does this Full Moon have for you?

Tarot Card One – The 6 of Pentacles – Wild Unknown Tarot

The act of giving is profoundly powerful. When we give kindness, hope, or support we are automatically uplifted. For some of us, it is much harder to receive than to give. Where do you fall on the scale?

Do you find it easy to allow others to be strong for you, to hold you up when you feel vulnerable? Or do you tend to stand alone at such times? When we learn to let others give, we move into a place of trust that can free our energy.

It’s also important to nurture and support ourselves and not give away energy or time that we don’t have. The 6 of Pentacles is reminding you that you are enough and that generosity is coming your way. Perhaps it’s time to welcome it with open arms?

Tarot Card Two – 9 of Pentacles – Wild Unknown Tarot

You have earned space to be totally yourself. The Full Moon urges you to nest, snuggle and find the time you need. You are heading towards or submerged in an abundance of your creating. You are grounded and wise, sensual and free.

If you don’t feel you are quite in this space yet, then the Full Moon is whispering that it is possible and that you deserve it. What does security and happiness look like to you? What does it feel like to be in a time where you can relax and commune with animals, nature and the world you have built? Visualise all you desire and head towards it.

Tarot Card Three – The Ace of Wands – Wild Unknown Tarot

The Full Moon is filling you with energy, passion and inspiration. There’s a fresh start for you and a new beginning where you’re stepping into another layer of power and creativity. The immediate future empowers you to thrust your ideas, love and inventiveness forward.

Do you believe in your vision? Feel a surge of confidence rising. Oh, and passion could be on the agenda. Wild unbridled sensuality is another message of this Tarot card. What stirs your soul? Where will you point your Ace?

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