Your Free Three Card Tarot Reading – Inspiration

Your Free Three Card Tarot Reading – Inspiration

Feeling stuck? Has the cosmos got a message for you? The Universe is reminding you that you are a unique star and bring with you a set of gifts no other being has. Focus on the three Tarot cards and use your intuition to sense if there is a message for you behind one.

Tarot Card One – The World

Hold on, keep going, have faith. The World is one of the best cards in the pack. She is the ultimate destination, a peak experience. You are all set to feel wonder and delight. Your gift may be large or small, but the World is coming.

What do you want? Do you believe it is possible? Let go and ask the Universe to bring you your dream or something greater! You’ve reached the end of a cycle, and there’s a reward coming for all the hard work you’ve put in. Success is on the way to cheer your warrior soul on and trust.


Card Two – Three of Pentacles

Give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve worked hard and have now laid firm foundations to accomplish your dream. This Tarot card indicates you are very good at what you do. The dedication you’ve put into evolving, growing and helping others is about to pay off.

There is a brilliant collaboration which will help you perfect the rest of your mission.

Card Three – The Knight Of Rods

This Tarot Card indicates your passion is stoked, and you’re ready for action. A fire sign might be galloping in to help you. A journey towards your desires gives you a confidence boost. Trust that you’ve got this, you are powerful and have what it takes to make it to your chosen destination.

Expect your energy to be uplifted, there’s a sniff of excitement in the air. You can brazenly chase your goal. There ain’t no stopping you now!

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