What Energy Surrounds You? Free Tarot Reading

Your Free Tarot Reading – What energy surrounds you?

Hey Beautiful,

Take a look at the four Tarot cards. Do you feel there is one meant for you? Don’t over analyse it, sense it with your psychic intuition. Let’s jump in and see which energy surrounds you!

Tarot Card 1 – The Queen of Cups

Sweetest, Empathic Soul,

You dare to open that wonderous heart chakra of yours. Your emotions are flowing, your creativity is pouring out. Cosmic love surrounds you. Yes, sometimes it’s hard to be full of empathy and compassion, especially if others don’t seem to appreciate it. Always know QUEEEEEN that you’re a goddamn warrior of love. The Universe will reward you for your loving ways.

If you’ve been protecting yourself, now is the time to emerge from your cocoon and unfold. Oh, and trust your intuition right now.


What energy surrounds you in your free Tarot reading? Strength! Trust your inner Goddess/x, the power of your spirit, the fire of your soul. Look how far you’ve come. There have been times when you didn’t know how it would turn out, when life tumbled into chaos, when your heart shattered into a million little pieces. YOU MADE IT. You have a core potency that is rising to the surface now.

Yes! Your Strength is about to bring you great gifts. Remember, Strength is not angry or brutish; Strength allows for compassion. Beloved, you are protected now.

The Hermit

Even the wildest soul needs to step into the tranquil temple of silence occasionally. The Hermit is calling you into your soul cave. It’s time to step out of the turmoil and dive into your intuitive springs.

If you’re feeling lonely, swim in the river of you for a wee bit more. Pay attention to your inner voice and make sure it’s speaking to you kindly. Take a moment to trust yourself. Meditate, feel the magic of stillness. When you are ready to emerge your courage will carry you to the next level.

The World

Yay! Some say this is the best Tarot card of them all. Congratulations wonderous one, You are about to arrive at a peak experience. You are approaching a milestone, a reward, a moment of ‘all is well’. Celebrate the moment, breathe in your victory, and revel in your well-deserved arrival.

Of course, the World is never the end of the story. The World is not a happy ending, but a joyous beginning! What chapter do you want next? What other adventures are lurking on your horizon? Start plotting and planning your next step. I hope you enjoyed your free tarot reading and can work magic with the energy that surrounds you!


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