Your Free Tarot Reading – Next Step Advice

your free tarot reading

Your Free Tarot Reading – Advice for the next step

Hello Gorgeous Soul

Here’s your free Tarot Reading – advice for the next step. Just focus on the 4 Tarot cards and feel if there is a message for you. Does one of the numbers jump out? Do you feel a pull towards one? Then scroll down for your answer.  Take this free tarot advice but use your intuition, sense what message the card has for you. Follow your own psychic hunches!

Much love Michele

Tarot Card One – The 4 of Cups

Wonderous one,

You’re likely thinking hard about making a choice. Have you convinced yourself you have all the facts in front of you to make the right decision?

The 4 of Cups says hold on, it invites you to think outside the box. There may be an even better or more interesting choice that you haven’t seen yet. There’s a juicy possibility just outside of view. We all get into patterns and thought processes that can limit our ideas of what is achievable. Before you leap into a decision, take time out to see if you are missing a clue.

Tarot Card Two – The Hermit

Hey Wise one,

Your free Tarot advice is from the Hermit! If you’ve felt lonely or lost recently, it’s time to reaccess, recover and go within. Equally, if you’ve been stressed out, run ragged or not had a minute to yourself, the Hermit calls for time out, for peace and quiet, to embrace stillness, and connect with your profound inner knowledge. Deep within you, you have an unlimited source of awareness and power, and the Hermit is asking you to go within and access your inner guru. The answer you seek is within.

Tarot Card Three – The Magician

Yesss! It’s the start of a powerful new cycle. You have all the tools in front of you to conjure a fresh reality. You’re the Magician; anything you pursue now has a touch of magic to it. Own the four elements you need to conjure your dreams. Fire = Passion, Water = Emotion/empathy/intuition Earth = Practical skills Air = intellect. Add all of these ingredients together and watch the magic happen.

Where you put your focus is where the energy will go. Pay attention to your thoughts and beliefs, which play a large part in creating your reality. Your words are spells right now, cast them wisely.

Tarot Card Four – Ace of Cups

Yay! Your Tarot advice comes from the fabulous Ace of Cups!  You may have felt emotionally stuck recently, but that is all about to improve. If you have done the inner work then reward is on the way. The Ace of Cups is bringing you a peak emotional experience. An overpowering feeling of love and pleasure is about to surround you.

Your creative mojo is on track, as you flow with gratitude and love for others. You deserve a new beginning, and this one is significant. Nurture yourself, believe in the power of love and open up to the loving experiences which are coming your way. Shower yourself in love, work on self-love and feel the unconditional love the Universe has for you.


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