Your Free Tarot Reading – A Message From Your Soul For The Weekend

Your Free Tarot Reading – A Message from your Soul

Hello, Warrior of love,

Focus on the four Tarot cards and sense if one jumps out at you. Before you scroll down for your answer allow yourself to tune into your own psychic intuition and see if you get an accurate psychic message about what the card may be. You are far wiser than you know!

Much love

Michele x

Card One – The Fool

Yeah, baby! You’ve chosen my favourite card, The Fool. The Fool is arguably the most powerful card in the Tarot as it’s similar to the dice, it leads you to the entire deck and a world of unlimited possibility. It’s pure magic on a stick! When we have the energy of the Fool, we dare to take a leap of faith and to move into new territory. It’s about to get exciting for you if you throw yourself in. Have you got butterflies and don’t know why? It’s time to do things differently and embrace the new.

The Fool is awakening you to your spontaneous side. Open your arms to doing things that you’ve never done before. Listen to the call of the wild. Change routines, sign up for new experiences. Sometimes in life, we can fearlessly throw ourselves into a new chapter, this is one of those times. What has been tugging at your soul? The Fool reminds us that we can’t go wrong so dive into adventure. Break at least one pattern today and do one thing you have never done.

Tarot Card Two – Strength

It’s likely that you’ve been through or are going through a hard or challenging time. Strength comes to you today to remind you that you are safe, that you have an unconquerable spirit. If there are situations in your life where people are trying to repress or dominate you, if you feel angry or stressed out, reach into your inner warrior of love.

The strength card shows that true power is gentle. Losing your cool is not necessarily the best use of your energy, in fact, you could that could mean you are falling into someone’s trap! Watch, learn, think before you react.

Awaken your compassion for yourself, know that your vulnerability is also your strength. Whatever has been causing you to feel ‘weak’ or bogged down can be overcome now. Take time to think outside the box and see the different ways you can handle any challenges around you. You can transform a situation.

Tarot Card Three – Queen of Cups

You are a deeply loving and sensitive soul. Do you allow yourself to flow with your emotions? Your heart whispers that you must be as tender with yourself as you are with others. Only mix with folk that honour you and treat you with the gentle care you give them. Limit your time with toxic negative emotions. Make sure that you are monitoring the way you communicate with yourself so that your inner voice speaks kindly.

You are worthy of love. When you accept your vulnerability you unleash your psychic ability, your energy to receive and to experience life as you know it should be. You have the opportunity for an emotional breakthrough now. You are psychic and intuitive, you have healing energy and a heart full of love.

Tarot Card Four – The 6 of Pentacles

You are about to have a profound experience connected to giving and receiving. You find yourself in a position where you feel energised by sharing. Abundance is flowing and by being generous, you increase your bounty. There is the potential for a financial shift. What you have worked towards could pay off now.

Perhaps you will stumble upon someone who gives to you freely? They do this not for reward but for the pleasure of giving. How comfortable are you in receiving? Open your soul to what others have to offer you now.

On top of that, you receive the right support at the right time or perhaps you are there for a fellow soul in their time of need. Either way, a spiritual reward is on the way.



2 thoughts on “Your Free Tarot Reading – A Message From Your Soul For The Weekend

  1. Thank you ❤ I picked 3 on Facebook and sometimes it is hard. But I really want to see my parents for Christmas. They are both in there 70’s and I haven’t had money in many years. So I would take it.

  2. Thank You, I have been hanging on to a toxic relationship that should have ended years ago. This reading showed me what I can do to finally cut the ties and live again.

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