Your Free Tarot Reading – A Love tarot reading

Hello Gorgeous Soul.

Look at the three Tarot cards in the crystal grid and FEEL which one is calling you. Is there a message about love? What energy is approaching?

Once you have scrolled down click the link to hear me talk about your card.

Much love

You Chose Card One – The Fool


A leap of faith is going to propel you into a new dimension! The Fool is the dice in the Tarot. When they show up, things change! There’s a powerful boost of cosmic energy that will catapult you into fresh love experiences. Be spontaneous, and as trusting as the little white dog!

OK, the Fool appears to be a bit of a buffoon. On the surface we see them walking towards a cliff edge oblivious to the danger. However, don’t be fooled (you see what I did there ;) haha!) This dude/ess has been around the block a few times and has total faith in their soul’s journey. They are as innocent as a child and wiser than any sage. Be the Fool, and let go of fear, open to the myriad of possibilities life and love have in store for you.

You Chose Card Two – The Two of Cups

This lovely card brings a healing relationship your way. A soul connection is around you and ready to restore your faith. An equal union is afoot that promises a meeting of spirits and minds.

This may be a lover, a friend or even a business partnership, but whatever it is, it works.

Your passion for life is rebooted. Desires are stirred! If you are in a relationship you get the feeling of the first flush of love rekindled. You may have a love choice to make, but you will likely make it with your heart rather than your head.

Love surrounds you and you feel excited and invigorated.

Your Chose Card Three – The King of Cups

The King of Cups is traditionally a masculine energy (whatever that means to you) and is a man (X) very in touch with his/they’re emotions. There’s a sense that you are taking control of your feelings, have an understanding of other people’s psychology, and are able to listen and give sage advice without being manipulated. As a lover, you are expressing yourself well and feeling more secure.

Perhaps there is a person around you who fits this description or one that is coming in? The message of the King is to feel but not be ruled by your emotions. The King is quite zen and aware that all emotional states pass and to not react in the moment as intense emotion can be disempowering. Keep an open heart, be compassionate. Your emotional wisdom is growing and should offer you greater freedom.

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