Pick Your Free Tarot Card Reading – Where Are You Going Next?

Your Free Tarot Card Reading – Where are you going next? Pick a card.

Hey Beautiful Soul,

Take a look at the four Wild Unknown Tarot Cards, and soak yourself in the moment. When you look at the card backs do you feel inexplicably drawn to one of them? Do your psychic senses tingle towards a number?

Remember you have accurate psychic skills, you were born with them. We all have a profound KNOWING. When we still ourselves the messages are revealed. If you feel that there is information for you, scroll down for your answer.

But, before you do, grab a notebook or your intuition journal and jot down what you think the Tarot Card will reveal.

Wild Unknown Tarot Card One – 9 of Wands

Cor! The path to the enlightenment of the Moonlight in this Tarot card looks abit tough! Good job you’re a soul warrior and not easily put off! You’ve been through great troubles and survived. You have built a brilliant defence around you but is it now time to let go a little?

Is the elaborate defence system that once protected you hindering your path? It might be time to trust again, to open up and fly towards the Moon. You have done so well, you are now protected. The Path may look hard but it is safe and strong. Reboot your belief modes, you can do it! The rewards far outweigh the risks and your heart yearns to open.


Wild Unknown Tarot Card Two – The Daughter of Pentacles

The Daughter of Pentacles comes to you today to celebrate a fresh start. You may be feeling eager, excited and open to building new foundations. You are being urged to follow your dreams, but of course, be practical and take it one step at a time.

I love this version because we see the softness and openness of the fawn. She looks like she is seeing her dream at the end of the rainbow and is keen to go for it. You are devoting yourself to your path.

Trust your vision in the future and take small steps and long strides towards it. You are on your way to success and you already have a bright soul map to get you there, it’s inside you!

Wild Unknown Tarot Card Three – 7 of Pentacles

Yay! The 7 of Pentacles are reaching for the sky and so are you. You have laid the groundwork, you are probably doing quite well, and feel a sense of relief that you have made it this far. You might be feeling a little tired or overwhelmed by your journey. The 7 of Pentacles reminds you not to rest on your laurels for too long, as there is much more to do.

Whatever karmic harvest you are receiving now, it’s time to dig the ground for the next step so you can climb the Pentacles through to the next challenge and reward. The good news is that you can do it! You have already proven to yourself, many times over, that you can achieve things you once thought impossible. Many more self-made miracles are to come.

Wild Unknown Tarot Card Four – The Son of Wands.

Hey Fire Cracker! You’ve probably shed a skin of fear recently. You’re guarding your vision and are empowered. You can wield your magic wand and eagerly gallop towards your goal.

It’s time to plunge yourself into your passion. You might have to let off a few truth bombs to clear your path. No more holding your tongue, you have the courage to speak your truth now though and the truth will set you free! Your enthusiasm is contagious and you’ll find many willing to boost your purpose.

Your will ignites and thrusts you forwards. You relish the challenge and are fueled by the fire of your spirit. Onwards!


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