Your Free Tarot Card Reading – Weekend Vibes

6 card tarot reading

Your Free Tarot Card Reading – Weekend Vibes

To make the most of your Tarot Card reading turn your focus to the backs of the cards. Do any of them stand out to you? Use your natural psychic ability to sense which ones have a message for you. You can pick as many cards as you like, but make sure you have a strong intuitive sense that they are the Tarot Cards for you.

I hope you enjoy your Tarot reading. It would be wonderful if you shared if you do.

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6 card tarot reading

Tarot Card One – The Hermit


If you feel alone or isolated this weekend, the Cosmos is encompassing you in love. Perhaps, for a minute, surrender to your solitude. Welcome the space to be yourself and go within and tune into your inner light. In the quietness comes a revelation. Mindfulness unravels secrets.

You are a font of enlightenment and wisdom. Allow your inner guru to deliver you the solutions that you seek. Hermitage can be a transitionary phase. Through taking a timeout, you can seek to create any future you choose.

You are more potent than you know. Take the freedom of this time to explore your wishes.

Maybe the Hermit is telling you to seek time for yourself? When was the last time you were able to do as you like? Solitude contains miracles, and you’re about to find them.

Tarot Card Two – 6 of Wands

6 of wands

The six of Wands is giving you a taste of triumph this weekend.
You are succeeding, achieving a dream, and seen for who you are.
On top of that, you believe in yourself! When we think we can achieve a goal and deserve it, we open an enchanting gateway to success, Ok, we also have to do the hard graft.

The 6 of Wands indicates that you will have a remarkable moment of achievement and well-deserved praise. Don’t rest on your laurels though, after the weekend, there’s more miracles to create.

Tarot Card Three – The Three of Wands

3 of wands

Your Universe is about to expand, and you are on the edge of transformation. You might have been dealing with the past or coming to an end of a healing process. It’s time to look forward and know that the past does not define you.

When you make your leap into the future, as you open up to profound new experiences, the past will seem like a distant memory. A stunning adventure is on the way. You are not your past. You are your future!

Tarot Card Four – The King of Pentacles

king of Pentacles

This weekend you could be about to feel more in control of your life path. There’s a grounded quality coming entering your life, and you know what practical things you need to do to achieve your goals. On top of that, as this Tarot card is a King, you are in control of your domain, you now know you are capable of building a pathway to your desires.

You’re scaling the mountain to victory. Keep going, have confidence and KNOW you can do it.

You might bump into a prosperous, strong character who wants to help support your journey. Or indicate a stable earth sign who is sensual and loyal.

Tarot Card Five – 6 of Pentacles

6 of pentacles

You find yourself in a position where you can share your energy, love or abundance with another. Sharing is an absolute pleasure for you at the moment, and the more you share, the more abundance rolls in.

Not only that but an energy of giving and receiving surrounds you. The Cosmos showers you with love or gifts.

You’re getting high vibes of happiness and, in turn, want to bestow good vibes to others. There may be someone around you who will be generous or give you what you need; they do this not to win or have one over you, but to return your generosity of spirit. Your love and kindness have touched many souls; open your arms to the rewards.

Tarot Card Six – The Moon

the moon

Your unconscious is ready to scatter clues to what you truly feel. Your psychic intuition is rising right now, and you’re having an awakening. Rise Sorceress, rise! All the answers lay within you now.

What have you been overlooking? Who can you trust, and who do you want to hang out with this weekend? Have you been justifying lousy behaviour? The answers are appearing.

Your sacred spirit is guiding you towards liberation and your authentic soul path. Pay particular consideration to any signs, intuitions or experiences now.

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