Your Free Tarot Card Reading: Protection Reading

Free Tarot Reading – Protection Reading

The Universe has your back and wants only the very best for you. The Cosmos wants to applaud your sassy spirit and encourage you to flourish.

There are times on our path where we could do with confirmation of our instincts. Symbols and information lay all around us to clarify what our unbridled soul needs to know.

Does one of the three Tarot cards have a psychic message for you? If you feel one calling you, scroll down to read your answer.

Tarot Card One – 10 of Pentacles

Fulfilment is closer than you think! You have achieved more than you realise, you are creating all sorts of opportunities and are asked to be generous with your guidance and heart.

What you seek is swirling around you. Dig in, keep going and believe in your path. There are also guides around you who are proud of your progress. There’s a lot of protection around you, you’ve come a long way baby! Take time to appreciate quite how far. Bask in the moment and see the beauty around you.

Tarot Card Two – 3 of Wands

Your Universe is about to expand, you are on the edge of transformation. You might have been dealing with the past, or coming to an end of a healing process. It’s time to look forward and know that the past does not define you.

When you make your leap into the future, as you open up to profound new experiences, the past will seem like a distant memory. A stunning experience is on the way.

Tarot Card Three – Judgment

This wonderful Wild Unknown Tarot card shows us birds rising up out of the darkness and flying towards the light. You’ve reached a spiritual crossroads, your soul is seeing the light. You are flying away from fear and into your power.

Just as the old adage goes ‘the truth will set you free’ you are about to be liberated. You may have found out some uncomfortable truths recently or suddenly had a revelation that has unchained you. There’s no turning back now, ONWARDS! :)

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