Your Free Tarot Card Reading – Choose one of the six Tarot Cards

Your Free Tarot Card Reading – Choose one of the six Tarot Cards

Hello Gorgeous Soul,

Focus on the 6 Tarot Cards and use your inner accurate psychic intuition to tune into the one meant for you.

Do you get a feeling that one of the Tarot cards is calling you? Does your third eye flutter when you gaze at one of them? Reach deep within and sense what message is behind the card.

Tarot Card One

The 2 of Wands

You’re currently reflecting on your own cosmic Universe and where you’re heading. There’s a surprise revelation coming and you’re urged to step out of the known and into a wider experience. It’s time to let your visionary side out and plot your move.

You’ve been cosmically sprouting ideas and now is the time to act, have faith in yourself beautiful soul. Oh, and an offer is coming your way which might be a heap more valuable than first thought.

Tarot Card Two

The Fool

Yay! The Fool is the dice in the Tarot deck and is leading you into brand new experiences and worlds. It’s time to take a leap of faith, trusting your ability to adapt. You’re about to roll the dice of life and wander into a brand spanking new reality.

Your impulsive side is luring you towards change. You’re a rocket-fueled sensation who’s eager to feast on the new. Feel the frisson of excitement rising within and knock back the large shot of YES the Universe is sending you.

Tarot Card Three

The Four of Pentacles.

It’s time to open your heart again and get your energy moving. You are blocked at the moment and may be operating from a fear-based mentality. Sweet spirit, you have been through so much but please don’t lose the faith that you can flow in love and abundance.

When we shut down or behave in a way to limit pain we inadvertently obstruct our progress. It’s time for an emotional revamp and for you to prise open the gates to your emotional, spiritual and sensual freedom.

Work on your Chakra’s and examine your belief system. Support and nurture yourself and mix with those that get you.

Tarot Card Four

The Lovers

Boom Boom Shakalaka! Your passion is climbing to new heights. You’re foaming with love and emotion, and are about to experience a major love upgrade. Your love is contagious and the more you put it out there, the more it flows back.

If you’re in a relationship expect the heart of it to grow. Single? Love is arriving and it’s likely to be instant and compelling. At the very least you are re-inspired and fuelled to flow and create, you’ve got a spring in your step and love in your soul. Shine, Goddess, shine.

Tarot Card Five

The Knight of Cups

You might be tempted to charge into a situation wielding your sword of truth. You don’t take any crap from anyone and are cutting through the BS to free yourself. Your intellect is on fire and your words spells, so cast them wisely. Never let the truth sword harm, say your piece with kindness.

If this is not you but a lover or close friend they are fearless, clever but sometimes reckless, this Knight is never afraid of a challenge. This soul can be quick to anger and loves an intellectual tussle. He hates to feel stupid and can act a bit intellectually superior which could be annoying.

Tarot Card Six


Balance is your answer. It’s time to examine and transform your extremes. Your desire to bring harmony into your life is attracting the right energy. Temperance is pushing you to look at your patterns, to shed extremes, to find your own middle ground.

You are awakening to the importance of being quiet, calm and tranquil. When you expand this energy you feel rejuvenated and capable of seeing how to fix problems.

Are you working, drinking or partying too hard? Are you giving all your energy away and not keeping enough for yourself? Is there a drama party going on in your love life? Find your inner zen and all problems melt away.



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