Your Free Psychic Herb Reading – Pick a Photo

Oh herbs glorious herbs! Your psychic herb reading  ~ By Violet

I love growing them, cooking with them, casting spells, and using them in my every day life.  Whether I am growing them or scrabbling in the undergrowth for them, I find being out in nature a beautiful assault on the senses, you’ve got it all in herbs, haven’t you?  Colour, smell, texture and of course flavour.  They also have very significant meanings in spirituality, and of course, can be used to weave a little magic in our lives.

Focus on photos of the cards, don’t over think it, relax, and just ask for guidance in your life at this time…

Chamomile: Protection, peace, success

Good news!! Chamomile has been selected to tell you that there is a time of potential abundance for you.  Its golden flower head symbolises the power of the sun, spreading light over darkness, removing negativity and represents a time of healing. 

It says should make the most of opportunities brought to you by the laws of attraction.

It’s long been believed that chamomile brings with its wisdom, promotes a good night’s sleep, keeping bad dreams away.  It is a relaxing herb and promotes peace and calm and when taken as a tea. Especially useful when meditating, it can help where we may go into past life connections. When we tread on a chamomile lawn, or plant is trodden upon in your garden, it spreads. Hence it is associated with accumulating wealth, and considered a lucky plant to have in a garden.

Witches, old and new age sprinkle it around the borders of their homes, and around their homes for protection, and to remove any negative energy directed at them

Mint: Courage, Clarity, prosperity!!!


You have chosen lovely fresh mint to help you in healing on emotional and/or physical levels.  It is giving you strength at this time, and courage in order acknowledge your own power, the phrase, “I can, I am strong, I will succeed”, applies to you now.  Say these words to your image in the mirror 8 times in succession and believe it.  Do it up to 3 times a day to really believe the affirmation.

Mint also provides you with luck, helping you in situations or in dealing with difficult people.  It speaks of a time of travel, so expect to be having to make trips, short and long during the time of picking this card.

A good time for your career or business, for it is symbolic of finding success, for you have a new sense of motivation.  Your earning potential is starred now.

If you are looking for a job or career/business opportunity the combination of all mint’s qualities shows your potential is strong. If you are making changes or considering expansion or promotion, you are in a good position too.  Use interviews and end of year reviews to harness those chances for yourself.

Thyme: Courage, Love and Affection

Socially, romantically it is literally time or thyme to feel the joy of all your love connections!  A good time to branch out and make new ones if you are feeling isolated or lonely.  For your courage and strength in yourself and in the bonds you have with people is greatly heightened right now.

Drawing this herb, tells you there will be more reciprocation and balance within the relationships you care about.  You will experience more give and take, and communication with people flows easily.

Expect to feel affection for others, and generally a sense of harmony in your day to day interactions with people.  Even in difficult circumstances, you will find the presence of thyme in your life, reducing the impact of such events, providing a sense of calm.

Include a sprig of thyme in a bouquet of flowers or around the home to promote a feeling of love and affection.

Passion Flower: Passion, Romance, Calming, Clearing

Drawing the most vibrant passion flower is all about base chakra energy.  Finding your passion in life! Not just romantically but in your whole life.  It’s about energy, feeling recharged and able to put plans into action!  Exciting.

Romantic passion could return to your life, new, or coming back into an existing relationship. This is a fantastic time to start ‘Dating,’ your partner again, and making time for each other. It can also restore discussions to a calmer level of debate, calming any anger or abusive tendencies.

On the cautionary side, be mindful that it could be that passions have been riding a little high, and it’s time to simmer things down a little.  It also arrives at a time when you will feel the strength to remove a bad habit, or attachment. In practical terms you can fill little pots with passion flower pot pouri around your home. Or you can just use this time and strength to cut these ties, emerge stronger for it ready for the new chapter.  For it will soon be replaced with a new passion, choose wisely!

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