Free Love Tarot Reading – Where is Love going?

Free Love Tarot Reading – Where is Love going?

Darling Beloved Soul,

Welcome to your three card love reading. Love is an energy that lives inside and all around us. Although sometimes it feels as elusive as unicorn poo in a forest of fairies. It is ALWAYS surrounding us.

YOU are love and you deserve love, you are lovable and unique and as rare as any magical creature. There will never be another you. You a rarer than a DODO as there has only ever been one of you!


So how do you currently feel about LOVE? We all curate our own lives but are also influenced and affected by our childhoods, our experiences, as well as societies expectations.

We are spoon fed ideas about love which for most are unrealistic and unreachable. Even the finest soul couples argue and have tensions occasionally, how can we grow if we agree all the time?


If you are in love, single or happily dancing in between, may love treat you kindly.

Wherever you are on your love journey may the Cosmos bless you.

Take a gander at the tarot cards and choose one to see if there is a message for you.

So much love



Tarot Card One – Strength

Hey Wonderous gentle soul,

ROAR! The road may have been long, with twists, turns and dodgy characters. Your path may have delivered passionate delights, challenging lessons, and a host of potential with heights of passion as well as confusion!

Strength reveals that you are POWERFUL and STRONG, partially because of the way you have handled and experienced your love chapters. Think back to how you felt about love last year, two years ago or even a decade ago (if you are old enough!) How has your perception shifted?

You have grown, evolved and are a warrior of love. Your gentleness is your strength and as much as you love fiercely, you have intense empathy, and that, divine spirit, will always bring rewards.


Tarot Card Two – The Star

Ah, Divine Shining One, it’s the calm after the storm. Your heart is healing, glistening, glowing! The Cosmos is zapping you with inspiration and self-healing. Single or taken you are beginning a new chapter of love and a deeper relationship with yourself and others.

Your wounds are washed away and you are being cleansed of negative patterns and thinking. You have burst out of the relationship chrysalis like the gorgeous butterfly spirit that you are.

Where are you going from here? It’s time to create, inspire and shimmy towards another dimension of feeling and love. Your self-esteem and personal empowerment have blossomed. A dazzling creative soul is coming in or already guiding the way.


Tarot Card Three – The High/Great Priestess

Oh Mystic One,

You are psychic, intuitive and have access to a host of knowledge. Are you ready to enter into your lush garden of enlightenment? Are you prepared to commit to trusting your hunches and intuition?

You have risen through many wounds and problems and have been guided by a depth of wisdom. Perhaps you haven’t always trusted it, especially when it came to love. But now you KNOW what you need to do and are in a place of security.

You are discovering that when you trust yourself you are led into loving spaces. What do you KNOW about love at this moment, what is your TRUTH? You have your answer. Follow through.

Oh, and you’re a dab hand at the Tarot, a psychic superstar. If you aren’t doing it yet perhaps it’s time to take it up?


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