Your Free Crystal Oracle – Which Bracelet Dazzles Your Spirit?

Your Free Crystal Oracle – Which Crystal Bracelet dazzles your spirit?

I thought I’d try something a little different today! Crystals all have special talents and abilities. When you are drawn to a particular crystal it could mean you need a boost in that area. Let’s see what these gem genies have to say!

Focus on the 5 bracelets and see if one says ‘pick me!’

Lots of love
Michele x

Amythest Bracelet (Purple)

Hey, Super Sorceress/r/x,

Amythest has always been considered a sacred and special stone. Ancient Greeks called it the sobriety stone and carried it to have a clear mind. It’s been worn on the breastplate of Queens and High Priestesses and opens us up to our psychic ability.

You are incredibly intuitive and psychic. Do you trust your own accurate psychic compass? You’re on a spiritual path and moving onto the next level. Trust your instincts, embrace your inner witchery and wise spirit. LISTEN to yourself soothsayer, you have the answers within

Moon Stone Bracelet (White)

Hey Moonbeam/Moonqueen,

You’re likely feeling pretty emotional at the moment. You’re a natural empath and tune into others souls and problems. Make sure you’re looking after you and giving yourself the love you so freely share with others.

Moonstone is calming and was used in ancient times as a fertility stone. There’s a direct connection with the Moon and emotional tides. How balanced are your emotions at the moment? Pay particular attention to how you feel during the Full and New Moon. Meditate, journal and monitor your deep, deep feelings.

Carnelian (Orange)

Oooooh Mystic Minx, this a creative passionate stone! Carnelian stirs our Sacral Chakra. The Sacral Chakra rules our sensuality, our creativity and our passion and zest for life.

You are on a roll. Your choice lets you know that you can create your dreams. Your energy is bountiful and you’re shifting a business/creative project up a gear. Others can sense that your mojo is lit and you’ve got the power and conviction to succeed.

Not feeling it? Grab yourself a Carnelian tumble stone and visualise an orange light firing up your Sacral/belly area.

Citrine (Yellow)

Time to be your own Superhero! Have you been having self-doubts? Is fear stopping you from fulfilling your destiny and desires? Citrine is telling you to do a bit of work on your self- esteem.

Perhaps you’re fabulous at making others feel a million diamonds? You’re a life coach to your pals and you’re always cheering others on. Turn that energy inwards and love bomb your gorgeous self.

It’s time to empower yourself and rock your personal power. Shine like the golden light you are. The Cosmos is urging you on!


Awaken your inner truth Goddess/x!

Turquoise is the stone of the throat chakra. How good are you at speaking your truth? Is there something important you need to say? Perhaps you need to be honest with yourself and follow through on what you’re thinking?

Turquoise is a sacred stone in many cultures from the Kings/Queens of Egypt to the Aztecs. However Native Americans arguably value it the most

“Turquoise stands for water and sky, for bountiful harvests, health and protection,” said Maxine McBrinn, Curator of Archaeology at the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture.

The Navaho believe it’s a stone of good fortune. It’s also the stone of life and offers you great promise. Turquoise, knocks it out of the cosmic park, as it transforms negative energy. It’s also an exceptional stone to use in cosmic ordering. YOU CAN transform your reality.

This divine blue stone is asking you to accept the sacredness of your journey. It’s time to broaden your horizons. Look into the sky of your life and see where you want to travel to. You are precious and important and your words matter. Be true to you.



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  1. Hi Michele and WOW! You are so creative and crafty!!!!!! Love this pick a bracelet stuff. You are a genius. I picked the lavender one I haven’t even read about my choice yet but have gone mad with anticipation

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