Your Free 6 Card Love Tarot Reading With Psychic Michele Knight

Your Free 6 Card Love Tarot reading.

Venus the planet of love has been teaching us all some harsh lessons about the past. Why were they so tough? Because when we look into our wounds our emotional buttons get poked! Having said that we also heal on a deeper level.

How are you feeling about love at the moment? Are you a warrior of love? Do you love yourself? Are you in a healthy relationship? Are you growing in love?

Love is one of our greatest challenges, it stretches the soul. Love awakens our spirit and makes us think and feel in ways that nothing else can. Single or taken, it’s all about love. Love is as essential as oxygen, food, and water. It doesn’t matter if we are in a relationship, single, wildly sensual or celibate walking in love transforms us.

Here are 6 Tarot cards. Is there an accurate psychic message for you behind one of them?

Tarot Card One – The Tower

Moving from a challenging or unfulfilling situation can be scary. Sometimes being comfortable or stuck feels easier than transforming. We are all creatures of habit, and The Tower is the card that upends our structures so that we can build more solid foundations. The Tower is a kick up the ass. If you have refused to take a leap of faith then this is a cosmic shove and kick up the backside. As unpleasant as it may feel at the time, it is usually over quickly.

When the Tower pops up it indicates that you have probably been through some dramatic or tough times. Love may have felt unstable or perhaps you gave your power away? Sweeping changes are coming that will knock down any emotional structures that no longer serve you. Don’t forget The Star follows the Tower and is the card of deep healing and inspiration.

Tarot Card Two – The Son of Wands

Passion is rising! It may be you or it may be a beloved entering your life. The Son of Wands is a fiery, impulsive and spontaneous energy. There’s a feeling of adventure in the air, and a sniff of irresistible desire.

You may be feeling lusty about a person or a dream, you might have a hunger in your belly for a project or a feeling of wild abandon. Remember this is a young energy that can be reckless in going after what they want. It’s fabulous you’re feeling alive and wild but channel it in a positive way.

Tarot card three – Father of Swords

The Wild Unknown Tarot shows a wise old owl and talks about being analytical and principled. Perhaps you are having a relationship or are attracted to someone with this energy. Maybe you feel that you or another is a little detached at the moment?

Was there a father figure in your past that was reserved or are you drawn to this energy? Are you analysing your emotional relationships and where do you stand between your heart and your head?

When it comes to love this can be tough energy to manage. It’s important to be rational and process emotions but don’t remove your intuition and love. Remember the wisdom ‘would you rather be right or happy’ never let the truth be a sword to harm. It’s time to heal and balance your heart and mind.

Tarot card Four – The Ace of Wands

Yasss! You are reaching a peak experience. You have stepped into your power and are radiating enthusiasm. There is a feeling of accomplishment. You are balancing your passion with action and heading towards or reaching your goals.

If you are in a relationship there could not only be a resurgence of love but you are moving to the next level. Single or taken you are in charge of your destiny and are using your divine spark to create your reality. Go for what you want. You got this!

Tarot Card Five – 10 of Cups

All the strands of the love you have put into the cosmos are coming together. Your boundless compassion and ability to overcome hardship with an open heart has drawn the right spiritual squad to you.

Over the coming days and weeks, you will know who your beloveds are, the souls that uplift your spirit and make your heart soar.

Our energy is constantly impacted by others. Who we join forces with ultimately enhances or hinders our dreams and goals. You are about to experience a sense of relief and gratitude as others uplift, connect and work with you for your highest good.

If you don’t feel you have met your soul team then open your arms to the possibility. Shake up routines and go to places and join groups with fellow love warriors, either way empowering connections are on the way.

Tarot Card Six – The 9 of Wands

OK, warrior, it may be time to put your guard down (or up!) There is a sense of defensive energy around you. You have worked very hard to maintain love but there maybe unhealed wounds that have toughened you up.

Perhaps you are in a situation where you feel you have to be defensive or you feel the climb to the Moon is just too hard? This 9 of wands is revealing that your stamina will help you succeed AS LONG AS YOU ARE CLIMBING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION FOR YOUR SOUL!

In a great relationship? Meditate on what the defensive card means to you. Are there others you feel sensitive around? TRUST your instincts.

If you’re in a relationship that is not working then it is time to seek support. What is your intuition telling you to do? If you have been hurt in the past and are fearful of letting others in, the 9 of Wands is telling you that you have the power to persevere! You will climb out of this thorny path. The key to love success is trusting your intuition. Be honest with yourself and about where you are and KNOW that you can bask in love again.

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  1. I picked 1 and 5 and both are spot on 4 me with wots going on in my life atm.. I’m just about to start a tafe course, where I’ll meet new people but my 2 daughters n i r going 2 a birthday party on the weekend and the people who will be there are the type of people I want in my life.. all I’ve had are vampires hanging round for the last few years.. im ready to make the change my life needs so i can feel good again

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