Your Free Tarot Reading – Immediate Future

You free Tarot Reading

Immediate Future – What to expect?

Has the Cosmos had you in a tailspin? Tarot can be an accurate way to reboot your intuition and provide the right advice and symbolism just when you need it. Do you feel one of these three fabulous Wild Unknown Tarot cards has a message for you? Ramp up your sorceress vibes, focus, and pick one. Scroll down for your answer. Oh, and please share if you like it :) I am so grateful for your support.

Tarot Card One 

the chariot

The Chariot

You are about to be quite the wild pony! Life is going to gallop forwards in a fresh direction. Have you any idea where your inner horse spirit is leading you?

Yes, you’ve worked hard to find your freedom, to be bold and commit to your unique soul. Feel your spirit rising and a surge or life force urging you on.

Your remarkable spirit deserves this blast of energy. You are in control of your primal essence, not by blocking it, controlling it, or imprisoning it, but by bringing all sides of yourself together. You are working in harmony and through this can take great strides forward. Onwards!


Tarot Card Two

The Emperor Tarot Card

The Emperor

Unlike the restrictive and patriarchal Emperor of other decks, the Wild Unknown shows us a strong tree that stands with confidence under an eclipse of the Sun.

Like the tree, you have weathered many storms and grown stronger. Throughout the drama of yesteryear, you have remained solid, bending and powerful. You now know how to set healthy boundaries and others can rely on your word.

In the immediate future, you might find yourself having to stand your ground and become a leader. Use past lessons to inspire others. This is your time to lay the foundations for yourself and others.

Most importantly, if you find yourself being bullied, controlled or dominated the Emperor reminds you that you have the power to remove yourself and regain your power.

Tarot Card Three 

The 6 of Pentacles

The 6 of Pentacles

You are about to have a profound experience connected to giving and receiving. You find yourself in a position where you feel energised by sharing. Abundance is flowing and by being generous, you increase your bounty.

Perhaps you will stumble upon someone who gives to you freely? They do this not for reward but for the pleasure of giving.

On top of that, you receive the right support at the right time or perhaps you are there for a fellow soul in their time of need. Either way, a spiritual reward is on the way.

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