Wiccascope Reading With Violet pin no.2337 For the week of 4th February 2019

Wiccascope Reading
With Violet pin no.2337

For the week of 4th February 2019

“Dreams unwind
, Love’s a state of mind
Dreams unwind
Love’s a state of mind”
Extracted from Rhiannon, by Fleetwood Mac

Wiccascopians, old and new I bid you all a very hearty welcome to my reading. I am aware I just sounded like a pirate witch there. Throw in an, ‘’Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum”, and we’re set.

How was your week all of you? Cold and snowy if you’re my side of the globe. I’ll admit, I am looking forward to February, it’s not January’s fault, it has to follow December, and has some very important jobs to do. But I do crave some lighter evenings. I love this betwixt time of midwinter, more sunshine, lightning days, and cosying up by my fire.

My week has been about new ideas and music in a nutshell. My brain has been going, ‘Ping, ping, ping’, like a microwave this week. And I’ve been digging out old c.d’s for when I sit and write. This week was David Bowie, I won’t wax on too long about him, but suffice to say he’s one Capricorn genius I really miss.

‘If music be the food of love, play on’

Your activity, another group one, I feel it can be applied to all of our readings.

Go through your music collection and don’t over think it, please just go with your gut. Pick one artist. Again, without overthinking it, pick one c.d. I’m going with Fleetwood Mac this week. My song is the above one, just because I love it.
Then put it on, clear a space, don’t sit down unless you have to, but find a space.

Dance to your song, sing to your song, forget whatever else is going on just for as long as that song plays. Enjoy. And pick another if you are then in the mood for your own musical session. If you can’t get up and dance about, sing it, tap the beat out. But really connect to the music. It’s magic for healing, and nurturing your soul. As Cleopatra said, ‘If music be the food of love, play on’. * William Shakespeare (Anthony and Cleopatra)

I hope you all have a great week, stay safe, stay warm, stay yourselves!

Blessed Be,



Crone – Freedom
Chakra – Crown
Theme – Knowledge, Prime

Oh, it’s the dawning of Aquarius, the cheerful bell rang, sounding your very own alarm clock, was it eventful? This was about you finding things out, making your voice heard, and maybe talking to people you have lost touch with. I really hope it was a good week for you. We’re in for another week of February birthdays, my dear old Pa included! Enjoy.

This week you have the wise and lovely Crone!! She is marvellous. The matriarch, or grandmother. Being older and wiser she is really worth listening to, it may be there is an older female in your family who, whether you like it or not, has something to say. There is an elder female’s pearl of wisdom winging its way to you right now.

Ironic no, that we’ve just have Imbolc? And Caileach, the old crone of winter, is around us, clinging desperately to what’s left of her season. Well, this Crone says move over Caileach! Go and have your rest. (I don’t know where she goes by the way, to other hemispheres maybe?)
The Crone suggests the following to you Aquarius, think about your personal development, evolution and any changes you need to make. It is better not to fight necessary change, for as I said above you’ve grandmother crone wagging her finger at you to do so.

Go back a little in time

Still referring to seasonal change, why not see if you can go at the pace of spring and step away from your fireplace, and cosy bolt hole, and break free! You will also get a sense of being taken ‘off grid’, this means use gadgets less, look at your worldly connections. Go back a little in time, when things were simpler, and there was less stress around you.

No, don’t go back indoors to do this, just don’t get caught up in the humdrum of work, media and drama.
Look into your own self, your inner child. Ask if they are happy?

Are they being listened to? Did their dreams for you as an adult come true? As an adult are you using your inner child’s potential wisdom?

Cut those ties that hold you back, be kind though please. And go forth with a less shackled self.
Good luck and enjoy.


The High Priest – Protector
Mindfulness, knowledge and direction

Oh, Hello Pisces, it’s so good to see you back where you belong! (My nan was a Pisces, and, ‘Hello Dolly’, was her song to me). Did the delightful Shekinah help you connect to the higher realms in order to get the necessary wisdom to move on through your plans and dreams? Stick with her, as once you’ve befriended her, she never strays, and always watches over.

Please be upstanding now for The High Priest! For he has an important message for you. He is here to look after you, he stands by your side and tells you that by applying what you know, you can do it. Believe in yourself. The possibilities here are boundless. Beware your ego though, for by being supported by such strong energy and self-belief you could come across as highbrow or aloof.

Have courage!

The High Priest has the job in Wicca of assisting the High Priestess during ceremonies, and rituals and is described as being an elder. They are someone in authority and will be mature and have accumulated wisdom through experience and life learning. This too represents someone in your life who will be offering you help, support and wisdom. If you have a problem you need advice with, you are being guided to seek out a father figure, or male in authority that you respect.

You also need to protect that which you hold important to you and be your own guardian. You will be moving on from your current ways of doing things, perhaps even finding yourself looking to set up your own business or being offered a promotion. If you are feeling frustrated at work, under-used or feel ready for a challenge, it may be time to call a meeting with a manager or senior person to express your personal development.

Prepare your case, with evidence of your efforts and the results achieved.
So, whatever you do this is a time of believing in yourself, have courage!


Crystal Ball – Vision
Third eye chakra, vision, perception

Big hugs to you Aries, the year has been pretty tough so far for the Aries people in my life. I hope that last weeks card, The Spell, help reduce the impact of that. And you were able to find words to help you work through situations.

This week you have The Crystal Ball, it will feel like you went to the opticians and were given some super strong lenses and can see things very clearly now. You will also find your own intuition feeling sharper and more attuned. Your third eye may need recharging, but once you do so you will find your psychic visions will become stronger.

If you think about a crystal ball, do you imagine the clear glass ball, over which a fortune teller would wave her hands after you’ve crossed her palm with silver? Let’s bust some myths, images do not asuch appear in the crystal ball itself, it is used as a scrying tool, where the 3rd eye is stimulated to see. For the most part, the visions come via the mind’s eye, or later on through the day as daydreams that are so powerful, that you have to take notice. And for your night dreaming to take on extra power and potency. Keep a dream journal on your bedside table.

Let your mind wander beyond

You will be able to see the truth in situations, pull back from the nitty gritty of the day to day if you can, and let your mind wander beyond.
Aries remember those plans you made at the beginning of the year? Well they are on their way to be realised now. You will be able to see how they manifest, and you may be tweaking things here and there, but you can make it happen.

Do what you feel is the right thing for you. Your new sight and insight will help you do this.
If you have a crystal ball, why not take some time to sit and gaze upon it, and connect with its energy to recharge your 3rd eye and boost that strong intuition of yours. If you don’t have one, worry not you can use any large crystal stone, black obsidian is a great one to use, its reflective colour is powerful as any mirror.

Or you can scry on the reflective surface of water, or ice.

Happy scrying, happy insight gathering Aries!


The Lady – Incarnation, epitome, liberation

Hello Taurus folk, wasn’t he helpful The Horned God? There were some big shifts in the Taureans I knew. I was a bit flabbergasted at the way they were really trying reconnect to their roots, and evaluating their lives. Without any prompting from anyone else. I hope you felt this energy was useful, and your time was just as productive.

Hot behind him, we have The Lady, and she is a lady as well. Dignified, of stature, high standards, and she has very potent energy required in rituals. Of which we have just had one, so perhaps the lady we refer to here is Brighid, who featured during the Imbolc Festival, as the Wiccan association with this card, matches the Celtic association.

Plans and dreams

Both ladies, and other female deities you may link into to at this time are sending you the message that this is a time of transition, Imbolc is about roots taking firmly into the ground, from seeds planted back in at the start of Winter, enabling the plants to stand strong as they grow up through the ground.
Early seasonal plants are already here, I’ve snowdrops dotted around my garden, people will now be on the lookout for Daffodils.

Such is the case for your plans and dreams, you are half way there with them. You’ve worked hard, now make the most of warmer, longer days creeping in, and by the time April gets here, your seeds and ideas will be visible to the world.

You are the best version of yourself

The metaphors here are for the development of your self, professionally, domestically, romantically and especially holistically. Embrace this new life force in your veins work with it, and at the same time do a little reality check.

This fits in with Imbolc and the moon; The full moon’s energy brought with it a sense of completion, of all of your efforts this past month. First, it dishes out the results of those efforts. Good and bad. So that sense of feeling full up and having no more room to deal with anything else will pass. Any pressure will release, like air coming out of a balloon. What you are left with is your current truth.

Who, and what is left? What are you most strongly aware of? If you left a job or were thinking about it, how is that feeling now? There should be a state of calm and peace about it. If a relationship took a sudden development, what is it like now? Some of your connections will feel so much closer and happily so, you will be giving thanks and celebrating. Some will have been released if they no longer worked for you.

Allow yourself some healing

If someone broke away, and your new truth is to let them go. Use the space they left to connect with someone worthier of you, or more on the same page and in the same moment as you. Allow yourself some healing time. This in the long run is a positive outcome! I know it won’t feel like it now if it was sad for you, but the lady sends you oodles of healing and says rest at this time. The sense of loss felt, will lessen as the moon wanes, then a new waxing moon will replace any loss with hope, strength and potential.

She asks you to be strong, and believe in yourself, for you are good enough, more than. You are the best version of yourself, and now you can use that strength to move on! Bravo!



psychic tips to step into your power

Hello, Gemini’s fancy a cuppa? I’ve just made some hot chocolate and wished I had a biscuit to go with it. I bet your cloak was lined or thermal wasn’t it, but not a bad outfit to wear in this cold weather. Did you find it a sanctuary or secret spot to hide in? Did it give you the space to hold off sharing your secrets and ambitions with the world until you were really, really ready?

Next, up for I am pleased to introduce you to Aradia! I may have said before I like Lord of The Rings films, I always think of Galadriel, played by Cate Blanchett. She was the unofficial Elf Queen, and guardian of Golden Wood, who came to hobbits, elves and travellers alike, to give them wisdom, advice and protection.

Aradia, the beautiful Pilgrim, travels with you now, overseeing you on your way through your journey.
Imagine you are a hobbit, or whatever Tolkien traveller you wish to be. I like the elves best, but you can be whatever you want. This quest you started, whether it was in January, last year, or a very long time ago, is one with old connections, it has roots in your past, even a past life.

‘I come to you last who are not last in my thoughts.

Note how Frodo inherits Bilbo’s guardianship of The Ring.

Both Aradia and Galadria mirror back to you what is already in you, to carry out your own journey. And they ask you to look at how you see yourself ‘fitting’, in work, family and social dynamics. Read the following quote from Lord of The Rings.
“And you, Ring-bearer,’ she said, turning to Frodo. ‘I come to you last who are not last in my thoughts.”

Always be true to yourself.

For you, I have prepared this.’ She held up a small crystal phial: it glittered as she moved it, and rays of white light sprang from her hand. ‘In this phial,’ she said, ‘is caught the light of Eärendil’s star, set amid the waters of my fountain.

It will shine still brighter when the night is about you. May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out.

Remember Galadriel and her Mirror!’ J.R.R Tolkien.She offers him a light to guide him on when things get difficult and dark, and she reflects back to him the fact that he is the only one who can carry out his journey. Yes, with the support of friends, but it is his to take.
When you look at yourself in your interactions with others do you become a version of yourself to please them, to avoid conflict? If they all met you together, and you were being your true self, would they all be a bit confused about what or who they were seeing?

By all means, tailor your conversation to aid communication with those you meet, but always be true to yourself.
With these ladies helping you, love, healing, light and reflecting back at you how great you are, know you can achieve!

Cancer – The Familiar, ‘Friend’, celestial energy,

Greetings from me here in my throw trying to feel my toes. I write your card up as I have just been making my snowcat. Fun, but nice to be back in here. As your neighbour above you now has Aradia, she leaves you, having guided you through last week, and leads you closer to realising your potential. With Imbolc, it was appropriate you had a lovely lady guiding you, as Brighid guides us all into Spring. Who is next for you?

The Familiar walks towards or beside you this week! We’re talking support, friendship, teamwork and feeling connected to other beings. A way to look at this is to imagine you are walking to work, or the shops for example, and you may be finding the outside world a bit daunting, your projects and plans may be a little bit stuck. Or you don’t know who to trust and be wondering why someone is behaving towards you in an odd manner and it unsettles you.

A good time to review who is in your circle of support, your gut will tell you who is genuine and comes with an unconditional connection, and those who have their own agenda or seek for you to do things their way.

I’m always aware when this card comes up that not everyone feels connected to friends or feels like they have the opportunity to create good contacts in life, love, and work. So, I’d like to share this with you. I spent some time after a break-up suddenly alone, in a new location, feeling insecure, lacking confidence and locked myself away.

‘Hello do you have any roles available?’

I really do understand how isolation feels. But with a lot of courage, I made one friend, as a result of getting a voluntary job, (I was unemployed also), from that contact I developed a new small social life, that lead to hearing about which local company was the best to work for, and yes after a year I found love.

I was happy to be working, and socializing, I used my home alone time to heal myself. I was terrified doing this by the way, but once I took that deep breath and said, ‘Hello do you have any roles available?’ to someone who is now a very dear friend I’d broken the cycle.
You can do this too, make a call, get out if you can.
Take it one baby step at a time.

Unconditional in your love

The familiar is also potentially a creature in your life, either in other realm forms, or actual pet form. Call me Noah, but I’ve had most pets, aquatic, avian (an African Grey parrot), feline, canine, and small furries too! My connection to each of them over the years has been deep and committed, and I felt protected and loved by all. Even by Jon Bon Jovi the 21-year-old Gold Fish, oh the secrets he kept!

A familiar also serves to alert you when you need to be aware of a difficult situation coming in, fear not they will rally round after barking or squawking, and stick close by to guard you.
On the last note, a friend may need you at the moment, so make yourself available to them, listen, don’t judge, and be unconditional in your love for them.


The Wizard – ‘Spiritual Perfection’, self

Roarrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Oh, mighty lions many blessings to you! Was Nemesis, in the end, a good ally to have? It’s a tough card to get, because not only do you have face up to and accept what is not good for you, but potentially in standing up for yourself, risk removing it. It will be worth it. If you are struggling with this still, it’s worth chipping away at it, at a pace you are happy with.

Who should casually seat themselves beside you without invitation, but by the assumption that you need them in your life right now, but The Wizard?
You won’t mind him just pulling up a chair, and saying ‘Excuse me, I think you need my help right now, now let’s begin’.

By the way with him you don’t really get an option, he’s not a bully, he’s just patiently insistent, and in no hurry to leave you. You may as well say, ‘O.K Wizard, I’m listening’.

This is a male card, wizards are only male, though I don’t know what modern standards would say on this, and males can also be witches, (for witches are not always female). But wizards are not superior to witches, just different.
They don’t have covens or circles, are very independent, and self-sufficient. I also feel they create an extra sense or aura of mystery about them, don’t you? They are not all the same by any stretch of the imagination, I will refer to, ‘Lord of the Rings’, (again, as I am a bit of a geek about Tolkien).

knowledge and wisdom

There are 3 wizards in it, Gandalf the Grey/White, Saruman, and Radagust. Gandalf very rarely was, ‘seen’ to use magic, it was more his knowledge and wisdom, of knowing where to go, where not to go, what to do and just what to say at the right time. But he could see the truth in situations, and allowed free will to be exercised by his companions. Saruman, turned evil, in search of power, and wanting to rule Middle-earth, he used his magic, which seemed to be more powerful, in all the wrong ways.

Radagust was at first appearance clumsier and more chaotic, but he was fighting to protect and save the wildlife of Middle-earth, his heart was in the right place.

When you get such a wizard appear you are being told, that you have such potential in you. You feel in certain areas of your life that you are the leader, the head of your household, if you live alone, are you fiercely independent? At work you are seriously skilled at your job or business, or very experienced, it’s time for this to be realised and for you to be noticed.

Standing taller

You will feel yourself standing taller, sounding firmer in your tone of voice, avoiding trivial gossip, and just wanting to get things done. Few words may be spoken, you are about calm, determined, and yes dignified action. I.e in meetings you will say in one sentence, what another takes half an hour to say, but still carry as much weight in your words.

People will be wanting to hear what you have to say, your ideas are good, there is an authority in your conviction.
Great, you say what could go wrong?

‘There’s no I in team, but I am part of one’

Remember others may not have your sharp mind, or eloquent tongue right now. But it doesn’t mean what they are trying to say is dismissable, and there is nothing they can offer you. On the contrary, it’s a time to remember that old phrase, ‘there’s no I in team, but I am part of one’.
If you have been sidelined for a promotion or job, please know you were good enough, but perhaps they were looking for other attributes too, i.e team playing ethics etc.

I’m not saying you don’t have them, of course, you do, you’re a Leo, golden-maned beast, your independence may need reigning it just a little.
Run your own business or own projects? Great, time to be noticed, but also be kind to those around you who actually like it when you open up.

Love ah love, be sure that there is balance, who is leading who?

Step in time! Single? Its time be brave for you have the right words and dignity to use in approaching the person you like.

Have a lovely week.


The Sword – ‘I speak’, carving out dreams and hopes, seeking truth and banishing fears.

I think delightful Virgo’s you had a very interesting week last week, Holy Water, cleansing, healing and changing aspects of your life perhaps? The Virgo cuspian me, and a Virgoan friend, were connecting on a deep level, with others as well as each other, our discussions taking on a level of learning, from each other, and others. I’ve never researched so much about a lot of random things, that suddenly inspired me so much.

We had that lovely snow, well not so lovely if it held you up, but snow in itself is cleansing. And of course, there was Imbolc, I really enjoyed this one, there was a really good vibe about it.

The Sword, ‘Swoosh!’ Some people I know will laugh at this, for this card kept coming up in daily card readings, at various levels, knight, queen and ace, I think. Let’s talk swords as in what is a sword? What does a sword do, it cuts, or jabs, or stabs at something. Being that it is longer than a knife, you can stand back from the person, monster or situation and skillfully do so. You have them at, ‘arm’s length’, yet are still able to deal with them. Usually sharp, quick to cut, and great to defend yourself with.

Your own adventure

They are also used by those in authority to confirm their decisions or seal deals. Think that being knighted by The Queen is receiving a little touch of the blade on each shoulder. Which harkens back to days when they literally decided the worth of your head, whether you kept it, or were indeed honoured to be close to sovereignty by serving in their realm.

These days any sword use is ceremonial. But close your eyes and imagine you are going on your own adventure, and you’ve got your sword. This is a special sword. It is a sword of energy, of the voice, it has the ability to cut ties in the past, slice through barriers that stop you going forwards.

Be kind

They could be your own self-imposed blocks. Old habits piling up, negative feelings, things people have said to you, like, ‘You can’t do it’, and you’ve believed them, you’ve believed all of these things as being the reasons why you cannot do the very thing you want to do! Use your sword, slice, dice and swoosh away at that negativity. Then woaah! Look at the path ahead, it’s clear, ready for you to step onto and get on with your journey.

If I were to exercise any caution at all, with such a magical weapon you may appear a little assertive or even ‘sharp of tongue’. On the off chance that someone does say or do something that annoys you, count to 10, or 100, and then speak, for they may not be aware of your prowess until it’s too late. As I often say, be kind.

But in summary, banish fear, slice through to hope, and forge ahead with compassion.


The Cave – ‘Step back’, restore energy, healing, preparation

Libran Wiccascopians Hello!

I loved being a bat, and admit I did embrace my inner Batfink, “My wings are like a shield of steel”, there was an air of change about my life, I felt differently about aspects of it, and yes, I made some significant shifts in my plans. And I know I left something behind which took a long time in shifting. How about you? I really hope it was as powerful.

And where do bats live, oh yes in Caves, or in my case the barn over the road! This means we get a rest.

O.k not actually a rest, but we step back subtly and get some healing. And we Librans need that balance in order to carry on otherwise we get very tired, a little stroppy, (well I do), and stop being able to juggle those balls. But we don’t always see the signs, it takes someone else to tell us. ‘Go to bed’, or, ‘maybe we should stay in tonight and just watch a film’.

A thirst for learning

We are not going to be idle. Oh no. I envisage books, as in notebooks, my laptop on, set on a search engine, and you can call me, ‘Mrs Researcher’. A thirst for learning needs a quiet place in which to do it. I love a library or study. Find your safe place to go and use this waning moon as well, to work with what is leaving, what is staying.

Then when the new moon comes, watch out world!
Luckily, we don’t suffer from fear of missing out when we are truly at home with ourselves, and when the time is right, we can step out and say, ‘I’m ready, and I’ve been busy in my bat cave’.

This card is also about rebirth, for whatever we heal from, release ourselves from, or change about our lives we come out of our caves, we will be different. It can be scary, change is, but I approach change these days with gradual steps, write lists, have affirming post-it notes all over the place. And I love a plan.

I also accept that even though I make the decision to change something, I may not feel the effects of it immediately.
We will feel the effects of changes we make this week, by April, and be celebrating them in full by Autumn. Have faith in yourself, know that by stopping, resting and nurturing, you will be refreshed and strong. Yes, I said strong. Whose with me, let’s do this!


Spiral – “You spin me right round baby right round” *, connections, attraction, freedom. (*Dead or Alive song)

Scorpio you had my favourite bird last week, lovely Raven! Were there revelations, were you taken to depths of emotion? And I have to ask, did you find yourself with a new spirit guide? Do tell me in your comments.
This week, oh boy, I am renaming The Spiral. ‘Tornado’, for that is the energy I picked up on when I began typing this. And I also started singing that song by Dead or Alive.

But that song sums the feeling of abundant energy felt when you see something or someone you like, and you feel like for a moment you’re in a spin. And guess what when you’re spinning like that, with all this vibrant sacral life force, others will notice it!

Opportunities may have come your way

Tornados pick up things in their vortexes, almost like a magnet sweeping overhead, you too could find you’ve got new people saying hello. Opportunities may have come your way too. Still be proactive, and make things happen for you, but this is a sign that things will get caught up in your tail Scorpio.

Make sure you go clockwise those, pirouette in the right directions, forwards, never back. For you don’t like the road sweeper want to be picking up all the rubbish to deal with, do you? Or revisiting the past. You will only get stuck. We don’t want that do we?

Another magical thing happens when you spin around, some things that may like to keep hold of will go flying off, released. Gone. It will happen so quickly, you won’t have time to reflect or rue it, so you need to say goodbye and welcome the space left behind.

I have another song I want to sing, ‘We’re off to see the wizard’, for you could be Dorothy Gale couldn’t you. One minute you’re minding your own business, your life is, going along as it is, but something is out of sync. Then along comes a force of nature, that captures you and spins you into another place and time. And takes you on a part of your journey that will mean looking closely at yourself, what you need, and what you don’t need. So off you go, follow your own yellow brick road… it’s waiting.


Spider – ‘I am’, designs, solar plexus energy, free will,

Sagittarius, ‘ow do? You were being sent cleansing, and protection last week with the precious Holey Stone. Your 3rd eye would have been if you had tuned into it, sending you images, strong images, that were messages, meant only for you. I know that you have to be in the right frame of mind to relax and tune into a 3rd eye visualisation, but it can be done simply by relaxing.

Do you like spiders Sagittarius? Worry not if you don’t, this is not a real one. It’s a symbolic one. And no, you don’t have to go and get one as a familiar.
More music, (I love it, and there’s always a musical reference I can dig out),

Spiders don’t sing

and here I am all over Paloma Faiths, “Make Your Own Kind of Music” with the chorus being very powerful with,
“But you gotta make your own kind of music
Sing your own special song
Make your own kind of music
Even if nobody else sings along”
*Paloma Faith lyrics. (I love her).

Spiders don’t sing I know, well if they do, we can’t hear them, but they spin webs. This is their skill. For the purpose of this card’s message to you, you can think like a spider, or think of yourself singing a song. Do you weave the same web day in, day out? Then if someone upsets it, or breaks it, you just repair it and go around again? Or do you spin out your silk in another direction, break the mould and ring your own changes? Is your web, or your song, defined, limited, and dependent on others playing their part in your life in a negative way.

You are unique

Remember it’s your web, your song if you like, your life. You are unique, special in your own right. But over time like all of us, you’ve compromised, negotiated, and found a way of doing things, a way of being around people. Is it you that they see, or a version of you, you present to them that you hope they find acceptable?

Are you repeating patterns or cycles by dating the same kind of partner, playing the same kind of role? Doing the same job, because it’s what you do? Are you having the same arguments but with different people because you are reacting the same way, or picking the wrong people to share yourself with?
It’s time if that is the case to spin out another way of doing things, and breaking those cycles.

This is a great card, for the industrious spider never really spins their way the same way, it may appear so, but, if we photographed each one, they would not be identical, they would do some things differently each time. In short, you can do this too.


Everything you need to know about every sign
Gaia – Healing, top to toe, nurturing

Capricorn ah here we are with you again at last. Good to see you! The bountiful lady came along and gently guided you through a tricky patch there. Wise and graceful at the same time. If you need her again, she’ll come. Another lady this way comes, a very important one. Gaia.
A Greek goddess at that! A very maternal one too, she comes to soothe, heal, and mother you at this time. She provides you with inspiration – seeds and helps you nurture, and gives you the tools to reap the results.

If Capricorn you feel you’ve hit a wall, ground to a halt, she gently comes to sit beside you, with a little parcel. It will take you time to work through its contents. And she won’t go until you have. For like the wizard or the lady, they are determined that you see what gift they have to give you. And like her fellow wise souls, she will let you do what you want with them.

Do things as yourself

In this parcel is the gift of time, time for you, to just sit and think, and, ‘be’. There is some food there, food grown from the earth, healthy hearty soup, or fruits from bushes or trees. There is water from deep in the earth’s wells to hydrate and heal you. And there is a packet of seeds. They are your seeds. Plant them, where you want, when you want. She will guide you if you let her. But ultimately, she puts no conditions on you, and asks you to be yourself, and do things as yourself.

So, you may feel closely connected to the earth itself now, or your consciousness will be drawn to doing more for it. Have you changed your ecological habits and now no longer see recycling as a chore but only the start of your awareness? This is not a judgement by the way, but a sign of your deepening appreciation for mother earth, and a sense of playing your part.

Lastly, Gaia beats a drum, and like Sagittarius had a bit of Paloma Faith, you will hear music too. A beat, a heartbeat you find yourself tuning into it, and notice how it is calm, yet has a pace. Go calmly with that rhythm. And do what you need to do now with the gifts of peace, balance, calm and nurturing. You will know and you will see your own success.



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