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What’s Your Love Future? Choose Your Relationship Potential Tarot Card Gorgeous soul!

What’s your love future? Whether you already have someone who makes that heart beat like a R&B track or whether you’re seeking, your love potential is swirling around you. So tune in to the full potential your present or future relationship contains right now. The Tarot responds to an open hearted question when it comes to the future of love. So, listen to what you heart is telling you as you focus on the four cards and then scroll down. Mated or ready to be dated? If you know the question – love has the answer!

Tarot Card One – Eight of Wands

No matter your status – your love mojo is on the rise, baby! Single? Cupid could just be going crazy! I love this card because it conveys that rush of excitement and optimism when we first encounter that hot new love interest or feel that a change is just around the corner. Heat, passion and action combine for attraction when the 8 of Wands turns up. Your love stock is soaring just like those Wands. You need to be out and about as a flirtation, introduction, invitation which leads to a connection or encounter is about to rock your world and take you by surprise.

Seeing someone? The 8 of Wands says you’ve learned so much from past relationships. But instead of letting disappointment make you close down, you’ve used this to get clearer about what it is (or who it is!) you want. The result: you know it when you see it and you’re not about to waste any time. That opposite number is also letting you know they feel the same way. Your heart wants to take you places and your connection comes with a sense of adventure and freedom. In addition, your lover will change the way you see the world as you in turn, open their eyes.  Your connection promises travel or even embracing a new way of life!

Tarot Card Two – Queen of Swords

Stop in the name of love! It’s time to heal the heartbreak or disappointments of the past. It doesn’t matter which gender you identify with or your sexual preferences, this Queen wants to hand you back rulership of your love life. Are you a sensitive soul whose past hurts have caused you to put up defences you don’t need any more? Or are you using that intellect of yours like a two-edged sword to protect yourself?

Maybe you demand unattainable standards from yourself and others – nit-picking your way out of a relationship or fall for people who are unavailable to you either emotionally or in status (or both) as a way to protect yourself? You see, when this Queen turns up in a romance reading, she hides a secret. And the secret is that behind the sword there’s a vulnerable heart needing to be healed. Maybe your defence is that you come across as so independent and capable that people just feel you simply don’t need anyone in your life. And people need to be needed. Just like you do.

So, stop the madness, put down your sword and dare to be vulnerable and allow that lover – present or future, to see the soft-hearted you.

Note: If you have picked this card, focus on the crystals surrounding it especially the rose quartz. Rose quartz heals a wounded heart and says: It’s safe to be vulnerable.

Tarot Card Three – The Lovers

There are so many meanings to this card – beyond the obvious but let’s go there first. The angelic figure hovering over the Adam and Eve characters tells you there is a meaning and a purpose behind these two coming together. And that’s how it is with you and your present or potential lover. No matter what your situation or circumstances – this is a soul contract union and you have come together to work through specific themes perhaps even from past lives! This is more than just an emotional and intellectual bond – it’s lava hot, baby!

If you are single and have chosen card 3 today, this is your heads-up that a cosmic connection is on the horizon. But what about those other meanings? The Lovers speaks on a soul level telling you that your connection involves a balancing act because there is a choice to be made. Both of you are engaged in this. Now, he choice can be that work/life balance, balancing your past with the present relationship, stepping free of baggage you’ve been hauling around or even in some cases, that triangle situation.

The Lovers says choose balance as that’s the place where all the potential of this card gets realised.

Tarot Card Four – Ace of Wands

So hot you are smokin’. If you’ve experienced the love mehs recently, this Ace tells you that you are well and truly out of them. No more tepid so-so love. No more love Sahara if that’s what you’ve been trudging through. It’s time to reconnect to the passion that is always within you that tells you that you are entitled to expect more – and get it. If you are settled, its hot love revival but the change in your relationship is merely a reflection of that upsurge of desire you’re expressing. Given up on love? It never gave up on you!

New beginnings and a promise of more to come arrive. Problems get filed where they belong – in the ‘Been there, done that’ drawer which you now close for good. If you recently met someone new but weren’t sure – take another look. There’s potential all around you waiting to be ignited and explored.


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  1. Remarkle gifted souls God bless us all and thank you for your kindness and time Tonimarie Fitzpatrick Edinburgh Scotland UK.

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