Free Tarot Reading – What do you need to know? Pick a Tarot card

What do you need to know? Pick a Tarot card

Hello Gorgeous Soul,

What’s going on for you at the moment? Is there an area of your life that you want clarity on? If your psychic senses tingle when you look at the back of the four Tarot cards and one jumps out, scroll down for your answer.

Big love
Michele x

Tarot Card One – The 9 of Cups

The meaning of the 9 of cups is crystal clear. You have a treat coming! one of your desires is coming your way. Yeah, baby! One of your wishes is granted! It could be any size wish but it sure is what you have wanted.

Of course, the cosmos has a sense of humour, it might not be the wish you want right now, it could be a wish you asked for last year! Either way, it’s a fabulous sign you are on the right track.

Tarot Card Two – The Moon

Mystical, magical one, it’s time you trusted your intuition. How many times have you ignored that nagging inner voice or gut feeling? You’re super psychic at the moment and need to look out for signs, symbols, dreams and intuitions.

If you are honest with yourself, what do you know RIGHT NOW? What is your inner wise one telling you? Take the time to listen to yourself, focus by doing a Tarot reading, or meditate until the message becomes clear. Write the question that you have in your journal and then quickly write the answer, you will be surprised by the clarity that comes. The more you listen to your intuition, the clearer it becomes.

Tarot Card Three – The 4 of Pentacles.

Sweet Soul, Have you been feeling the need to protect yourself? While it is right and powerful to withdrawn occasionally, make sure that you aren’t blocking yourself from positive experiences. When we feel hurt or mistreated, it can hinder our ability to trust.

The 4 of Pentacles is OK as an interim measure, but it’s probably not the ideal way to live your life.

If you look at the Tarot card the Pentacles are blocking the chakras and stopping the energy flowing. Have faith that you can protect yourself when you need to. Commit to opening up and trusting again and you should notice an uncorking of your power.

The Queen of Swords

You are ready to slay, slay, slay your fears and cut to the core of any problems. You’ll have your defenses up and for a good reason. You are a Goddess of truth and have a quick wit and ability to slice through BS. You are brilliant and insightful right now and will fight fearlessly for the truth.

Be careful, when you are wielding your sharp sword of truth sweeten the pill with a bit of honey. Be loving with your revelations and show mercy and compassion if you can.


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