What Do The Runes Have To Say To You? Pick A Number

What do the Runes have to say to you?

An interactive Rune stone reading with Violet 2337

Runestones are a very old Psychic Tools, and simple way of seeking guidance. They have a very powerful, organic energy about them, and don’t mince their words. You can ask yes or no questions, but open questions are best. They are very honest.

I drew 5 at random from my sack of stones, they can be read as a whole story message, or as you see fit.  Simply ask for guidance regarding a matter that is concerning you, or just say, ‘What do I need to know?

Take a few breaths, look at the images, pick the number or numbers you are most drawn to and go to their meaning.

With love




One – Gebo 

This is a lovely Runestone to get, its name Gebo (Gay-boo) literally means ‘Gift’. I feel its overall message is there will be a  healing of rifts. How does this process work, with a mutual exchange, sometimes of gifts, acknowledgement with appreciation and forgiveness?  It relates to good old-fashioned trade and thrashing out issues in partnerships.  Established or pending.  Any blocks or barriers can be dissolved by talking and exchanging positive energy.  Compromises will be reached.

So what partnerships am I talking about?  All of them.  Romantic, sexual, professional, social and familial. If you’re single expect yourself to feel more open to the idea of a relationship, or notice the attention you may be getting from a flirtatious connection that is hotting up. In a long-term relationship already, it will re-ignite, or deepen. Libidos may feel heightened.  Professionally speaking, a new job could be on the horizon or a troubled work relationship could improve for the better.

The main message here is to be flexible and willing to give, yet expect nothing in return. However, by doing so you will potentially reap a great harvest of positive energy.  Words like loyalty, sacrifice, and honesty in true connections add to this rune stones charm.  For you will see the best people for the best right now, but not with rose-tinted glasses. With a sense of remembering why you are with your partner, why you like your job, and how lucky you are to have your family and friends. This is a glass half full card!

Two – Fehu

If you were drawn to this card your earning opportunity or financial area has been spotlighted.  The word Fehu (‘Fay-who’) means ‘Cattle’, this relates to the cattle trading as a living.  On another level, it relates to things moving forward in your life.  This is an opportunity linked to money in particular.  Or the process of earning a living by being proactive and keeping the cycle of providing a service, taking money, going hand in hand.

This process has to be fluid, from the word go, and very often this rune relates to new business ideas.  It hints at whatever idea you have, whether old or new, it can work if you don’t give up this time.  Keep the motion going. Make a list of things you have to do, who you have to speak to? Who do you have to listen to?  Who owes you, who do you owe? I’d factor into this cycle some work-life balance otherwise; work is what you will become obsessed with. For self-nurture, (eating, drinking, playing, and resting), feed the machine that keeps this spiral going.

There is an element of luck linked to this rune, it could be a magnet if it weren’t an old stone.  It’s going to draw in energy, and give out energy at the same time.  A good crystal linked to this rune is magnetic haematite, the push and pull of balanced magnetic force is both protective yet attractive at the same time.  There is a chance this lucky financial cycle will also benefit those around you, for where there is flow, and attraction, anyone involved or helping you with your earning potential, will be part of the lucky process.

Three – Berkana/Berkano

This rune stood out to you because you perhaps seek a gentler way of doing things right now.  ‘Burr-can-oh’, is Icelandic for ‘Birch Goddess’, and speaks of retreat, and rebirth.  There is the answer to a question that, up until this time could not find the answer to. You’ve been looking in all of the wrong places, for this answer lies deep within you. Once you’ve found out what this news is, big or small, it will ensure your own personal growth and offer fresh starts.  The sense of achievement and success is entrenched in this rune.

Why? Because you will be connecting your inner self with your outer self. Have you reached a milestone birthday? Or are you feeling your age?  It’s not a time to look back at what you feel you should have done, but realise what you have done, and what you can still do.  Your inner self, the child in your soul, will blend in with your adult form right now, and you’ll feel the stronger for it. The best union you can have right now is that of ‘you’.

Body, mind and soul parties result in a new sense of security, maturity and age-old wisdom.  Its female side relates to that of a mothering type of energy, the ability to raise small beings into mature versions of themselves.  This could relate to your own family, or your work life, and any other areas of your life where there are seedlings or small things starting to grow.  Be aware of the quieter energy with this rune, it speaks of a need for discretion, protection and shelter. For such deep thinking requires quiet private time. It’s ok to ask for space, and not give away too much to anyone right now.  You will be ready to emerge as the whole version of yourself when you are ready!

Four – Raido

‘Ride-ho’, is what it sounds like and what it is! Travel! It means ‘Ride’, or ‘wagon’, an olden day means of travel.  You’re going on a journey. This a literal and metaphorical message.  Expect more travel, local to international, and from such travel expect to feel enlightened, and confident. Such a trip could result in stories to tell others when you get back, or you could have great news. A very old friend has just had a little trip because her business plan needed tweaking, but she needed to breathe.  Back from her adventure, she’s all fired up

This is not a dreamy card, it’s about getting out in the world, grounded and exploring, even at a spiritual level it relates to your practical side.  Learning to work with your sacral chakra, to tune into your sense of knowing would be a good thing for you this week. Common sense will prevail here, where perhaps you’ve been a little emotional or again slightly ‘rose-tinted’ in your outlook.  Seeing things as they really are, people, places, and situations bring you down from the stars to the place where you should be. This is time to let go of the past, aim for the future, and embrace courage.

The mixed benefit of this is that you’ll come back excited, restless and bursting to go.  You will not be able to stop yourself from just doing it! But. Whilst you are away, can you ensure you do a plan, and you just don’t fire off on a tangent?  The balance of your own energy, and that of the world you connect to during your trip, real or emotional, will result in the perfect blend that should give you the drive you need, but the calmness and logic required in order to deliver it.


Five – Jerba

Hello, has your life ground to a halt here, and are you now feeling a little annoyed because you’ve so much to do and so little time? You may have just been through the journey phase, and now you are back. Slow down! But don’t grind to a halt. This rune ‘Yehr-ah’, means ‘Year’ and relates to a time when crops were harvested.  Imagine your crops are ready to be reaped, you’ve been watching and waiting so long, and they are ready. Go gather them in.  Your crops could be of any nature, work, love, life, or personal development.  Something has matured and is now ready.

Take your mind back to simpler times, where we were learning about crops and nature. We knew when to plant seeds, what type to sow, what weather or climate we needed, and how to nurture them until they were ready.  This applies to all areas of our lives, and your life right now may be out of sync. Use nature’s time clock, to get your own rhythm back.  Yes, something is ready, but something else needs sowing, and another needs nurturing.  Get your planner out and look at your time schedule, make some notes in it, like the agricultural farmer would for each crop.

The rewards you reap now are those you started last winter, what did you start back then? Take a look at it, I think it may be ready. Whilst there are periods of hyperbolic activity at the time of sowing and harvesting that lovely lull in between should be enjoyed. But find your own organic flow, look at your planner, factor in for the odd surprise or emergency, but if you know when you should be doing something and when you can put your feet up and take a rest, all good! Any changes you want to make now, make them at the right time, so yes, this means being aware of the need to change something, but not upsetting the cycle.



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