Your Free Tarot Card Reading – What do I need to know?

Your Free Tarot Card Reading – What do I need to know?

Hello, Gorgeous Warrior of love,

What do you need to know? And what energy do you feel approaching you? What gifts will the Universe have in store for you? Perhaps there is a psychic message behind one of the three tarot cards just for you.

Tune in, take a deep breathe, allow yourself to sense, feel or intuit if one of the cards is meant for you. Scroll down for your answer. Click the video to hear my explanation of the Tarot card you have chosen.

Sending you so much love


Tarot Card One – The Magician

Awaken to your power! You are likely to be at the beginning of a brand new cycle. You are stepping into an empowered time where you can carve out your reality.

Use all of your spiritual skills to reach your desires. When you combine your intuition, your practical skills, your emotional intelligence, and your wit, you can move mountains now.

Tarot Card Two – The Ace of Cups

Greetings loving being,

The Ace of Cups speaks to you of a time of emotional pleasure! A floodgate in your heart is opening, your spirit is healing from past wounds.

Expect a time of happiness and joy. Love is washing over you and surrounding you. You’re able to give love freely and feel the love other souls have for you.

Tarot Card Three – The Moon

Mother Moon is urging you to trust your intuition. Have you had a hunch recently, a nagging intuitive feeling that just won’t go away? It’s time to listen to the divine wisdom you carry within you.

Look out for signposts and messages via dreams or strange coincidences that have a deeper meaning. If you feel doubt about a person or situation do not ignore it.



3 thoughts on “Your Free Tarot Card Reading – What do I need to know?

  1. The Ace Of Cups Fantastic I hope that the reading is for me I have had so many challenges the last 2 years I need the feeling of love from all I am an Empath but a special one xxxxxx

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