Weekend Tarot Vibes – Pick a Tarot card

Tarot card reading

Weekend Tarot Vibes – Pick a Tarot card

What delights does the weekend hold for you? Does one of the five Tarot cards below offer you a clue about the weekend vibes? Take a glance at the cards, take them all in, and feel if one of the cards says ‘pick me!’

Don’t forget to use your psychic ability (we all have it) and not only read your answer but pay attention to how the card makes you feel. Do any colours stand out to you? Is there a fine detail that reminds you of anything or anyone? Weave together your own psychic reading. Kiki the astrology dog is certainly examining the cards!

Have a stunning weekend
Love Michele

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Tarot card reading

high priestess tarot cardTarot Card One – The High Priestess

Be tender with yourself this weekend. Look forward to a dreamy psychic weekend to relax, check in with your spirit and focus on your soul GPS. Where are you going? Are you paying attention to your inner voice? Is life sweet, soft, and fulfilling?

Avoid getting swept away with technology, distractions or the superficial. , but instead, plunge into your dreamy side, your ability to be in the present. Do something kooky, focusing, spiritual. Dream big, connect, reach out. Prick up your ears, as the Cosmos is sending a message…Oh, and there may be a message about a soul connection too.


the sunTarot Card Two – The Sun

The Sun is warming, empowering, and recharging you. Feel unconditional love radiating in your heart. It’s your time for happiness and joy now. There’s a sense of playfulness coming in.

Do you allow yourself space to be silly? It’s time to put technology down and run about like a kid again! Make the time to have fun, joy is a miracle worker at clearing blocks and rebooting our heart chakra.

🌞The Sun urges you to hang out with and be playful with souls that make you laugh. Happiness is coming your way as the Cosmos switches the light on in your heart

moon tarot cardTarot Card Three – The Moon

Tides of lost emotions, true feelings, and inner knowing crash onto your conscious shore this weekend. The secret is, you KNOW what the truth is about a situation or about what you need to transform, you can no longer ignore it.

What are your psychic senses telling you? What gut feeling is playing a tune in your tummy? When you pay attention to your powerful intuition, anything is possible.

2 of wandsTarot Card Four – Two of Wands

You are plotting and designing a move forward. You might be presented with something that initially feels smallish but could grow beyond your expectations.

If you connect your intuition, logical mind and practical talents you can achieve almost anything right now. Have faith in that magical moment when all of your being comes together to decide your path.

I always see wands as magic wands. The 2 of wands reveals the power of balancing your energies to create the spark of the future. It’s time to create your own world and focus on your unique soul and ideas.

4 of pentaclesTarot Card Five – 4 of Pentacles

It’s time to unlock your soul again and get your power moving. Let go of blocks that may be operating from a fear-based mentality.

Lovely spirit, you have been through so much but please don’t lose the faith that you can flow in love and abundance.

When we shut down or behave in a way to limit pain we inadvertently obstruct our progress. It’s time for an emotional revamp and for you to prise open the gates to your emotional, spiritual and sensual freedom.

Work on your Chakra’s and examine your belief system. Support and nurture yourself and mix with those that get you. Surf the flow as this weekend opens you to love and trust.

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