The Wisdom Of Cats With Our Psychic Violet 2337

The Wisdom Of Cats With Our Psychic Violet 2337


For those that read my Wiccascopes know that my love of all animals is mahoosive.  I’ve kept a wide variety, but always had a cat or two.  So, it won’t surprise you that I have a Cat Oracle card deck, it’s a lovely fun, and more light-hearted deck. But the messages are no less important also feel they have a very special way of communicating with me. 

So, I was feline, (sorry couldn’t resist), that it would be great to share a few cat messages with you.

You know what to do, look at the pictures of the cats, (not they are not up for adoption) and see which one is offering you some advice. Simples!

Have fun

With love,




This cat is playing, and would have learned to do so as a kitten. If cats learn to play as kittens, they will usually continue to play as adults.  They like games that let them indulge their hunter instincts.  Cat seems to be more responsive to toys moved side to side than vertical movements. They also seem to enjoy toys that move erratically and then suddenly stop moving.

Most adults played when they were young.  Even if you didn’t, you can still learn to play, either with other adults or spending time with children.  And even the most beautiful of cats knows that sometimes playing is worth the effort. Make some time to do something just for the fun of it.

This cat asks you to look at your work/life balance and to make some time for friends, family and especially yourself.


Deciding whether a cat should be an indoor or outdoor pet is a conundrum all new cat owners face, it depends on the cat and its breed.  Some cats are naturally housecats, some are itching to get out and explore the world.   The benefits of letting your cat outdoors in safe neighbourhoods, is the access to fresh air, socialization with other cats, and having more space in their world.

Are you an indoor cat, or do you know your area well? This card asks you to look at your connections with the outside world, and urging you to get and take in the sights, sounds and smells.

You are strong, you need to develop, and you need variety in life’s experiences.  Of course, be sensible don’t let fear keep you from enjoying adventures in life.  Go out and enjoy all the good things the world has to offer.


This cat pictured here seems to have good luck, having dining options and it seems to be enjoying its food of choice.  Food is vital to sustain all life, but meals are more enjoyable if we are offered choice and variety.  My cats don’t go the supermarket to buy their food, if they did, they would say, just like we do, ‘Oh we had that one last week, and actually we don’t like the gravy option’.

As humans we are faced with choices everyday sometimes, they are clear and easy.  Sometimes we just aren’t sure how to make the best decision.  If you are in the current dilemma of having options but are confused, first, consider yourself to be lucky, as many people don’t always have the luxury of choice.  Second, recognize which one is the healthiest for your or moves you closer to a long-term goal and you will know what you need to do.


Most cats do not like water, but they are curious.  My cats are very odd for moggies, they love a paddle in the bath, and have worked out how to turn the taps on to get to the water.  Unless like other cats, they have a reason to suspect danger, they will investigate whatever captures their fancy.

Are you on the edge of the something amazing? Is your life on hold for whatever reason? This cat says, be bold! If you see something you want, go after it.  Don’t be afraid to do something new or do something others have not tried.  You are unique and should confidently peruse your interests and desires.

If you lack confidence or self-belief you are being told release yourself from such feelings, and know just how great you are and how good your life could be as a result of taking a planned but confident leap of faith.



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