The Power of the Moment Interactive Tarot Reading – Pick A Card

The Power of the Moment Interactive Tarot Reading 

What do you need to know right now? The Tarot operates on a soul level, answering questions our higher selves seek answers to. Sometimes we may have a question of our own in our minds, or we may require insight into another area which we are unaware of. It’s funny how each and every area of our lives is interconnected in ways we sometimes cannot see or understand. We may have an issue with our love life but the answer to that actually lies with us finding happiness in our work –and then the love life fixes itself.

So, keep an open mind as you pick a card from the four below and scroll down for your message. Remember, the universe works in mysterious ways but your intuition gets the message – and will show you where the answer lies. Seize the moment – and take control of your destiny.

Tarot Card 1 – The Chariot

This card says you are a powerhouse. You should know this when you look back on those goals you set yourself – and even surpassed. You know what you want – or the outcome you want to achieve. This is reflected in the driver of the Chariot. They know where they are going – and so do you. The Power of the Moment however is asking you if your momentum is currently getting you there as quickly as you want?

Look closer at the sphinxes which pull the chariot. What can you see? They are not facing the same direction but pulling in two slightly different ones. The Chariot tells you one of two things: you need to focus all your power like a laser beam in the direction of your goal because you may be scattering your energy or resources. Or that your heart may not truly be in this. Which one is it?

Tarot Card 2 – The Tower

Where have you lost faith? Perhaps unexpected events outside your control have shaken your beliefs. If things have not worked out the way you hoped, what looks like a disaster may in fact be something else entirely. It’s not your trust in others that has suffered – but your faith in the universe and yourself and perhaps your decision-makingprocess.

Despite what you think, this moment contains the seeds of a new beginning. Unexpected news or information will turn everything on its head, bring improvements or even an opportunity. Be ready and see your faith in yourself – and others, restored.

Tarot Card 3 – The Knight of Cups

There’s something you want so badly you are like the character in a Disney story. Wishing on a star or waiting for that magic carpet! This Knight carries an offer represented by the chalice or cup. If you accept it will bring in changes – perhaps not that one you are wishing for – but one that you need. You have chosen this card because you need to reconnect to what is available to you right now as opposed to what you are wishing for in the future. You’re missing the magic. You need to try something or someplace new, make a move. What is around you is keeping you stagnant and stuck. You don’t have to abandon your dreams. Just live in the moment and accept what the universe wants to send you right now.

Tarot Card 4 – 9 of Pentacles:

You are the real deal and you need to know you are enough – just the way you are. Right now whether you are single or settled, cashed up or cash strapped, you are complete and have everything you need to get anything you want. This is a card which tells you that if you utilise what you have at your disposal right now, you will get the results you are after.

Money, resources and business will be in focus now and if finances are at the heart of your concerns, expect an improvement shortly. But this is down to your efforts. People around you will help and offer assistance if asked. See who you know as your best assets and your most abundant resource. If you are holding out for what you really want – this will prove to be the right choice over time. Don’t be swayed by the opinions of others.




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