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Tarot Reading – All about the next chapter in your life

We are now entering a time of year that allows us to let go of what has already taken place. Winter is the wonderful quiet season of the year that allows us to reflect on the past and start planning for the future.  So here we are with Spring around us about to plant the seed and watch it blossom into something more powerful and beautiful. 

I decided to shuffle my beloved Morgan Greer Tarot deck and ask for guidance with moving into this new phase confidently. Think of a number between one and four and feel which Tarot card is calling you to reveal all about the next chapter for you. When you have chosen your tarot card number scroll down and read your answer.

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Tarot card 1: The Lovers.

You have chosen The Lovers card! This gives you a clear message for nurturing current relationships and investing yourself in new ones.  If you find your relationship regularly reaches a point of stagnation, then now is the time for you both to observe habitual patterns and to respect each others space and boundaries.  Travel and matters of the heart are being carefully considered around you now! It is also a clear indicator for you to pay close attention to working relationships and don’t be afraid to release some of that baggage by asking those around you to help with organisation.There are progression opportunities and abundance is linked in closely with this so be selective and feel the wheel start to slowly turn without being impulsive – solid foundations are made by being watchful and knowing when to make that change.

Tarot card 2: Six of Pentacles.

We are all guilty of spending money that we do not really have. Long work hours and manic schedules can make us feel claustrophobic and the perfect release is to embark on a shopping spree and often end up feeling guilty. The message for you in this card is to make treating yourself a priority but avoid feeling that you will be happier or more satisfied if you purchase new things continually. This removes the importance and joy that can be found in the present moment as you believe your salvation will come when you accumulate more material possesions! There is also a sense that you may be funding someone else and feel like your money is being controlled for you – take some time out with a journal or diary and budget the basic necessities of life and PLAN when and how you will allow yourself to enjoy the fruits of your labour. This can be your own personal pocket money journal and you’ll find that impulse purchases can be substituted for bigger and better things such as that holiday destination you have always wanted! Don’t deprive yourself but find a comfortable balance. This card also brings positive messages regarding property and choices regarding living circumstances.  You are encouraged to step back from practical matters each day and substitute getting your “fix” of consuming things and get in touch with cooking, the outdoors, and honouring your child-like nature.

 Tarot card 3: Judgement

This wonderful card you have chosen acts as a mirror.  Psychologists have developed many great theories regarding how we see ourselves as people. Our self image and identity is often conditioned by sociological differences and the various things we BELIEVE to be true about ourselves. 

The Judgement card asks you to resurrect yourself, to rise up and to avoid associating your past experiences with who you are as an individual.

A wonderful mind technique that can be used when trying to understand why we react in certain ways is to remove the ‘me’ part.

Aren’t you tired of being afraid? Haven’t you noticed that we often reject the possibilities available to us because ‘this or that happened in the past’? It’s because this ‘me’ we have created is almost like a second identity.

You are no longer the past version of yourself as you were making choices and living your life in a completely different state of mind at that time. So comparing yourself to something that no longer exists keeps you in a mind trap – a mirror that distorts what you see. You are a being of energy, a consciousness moving through time as we know it. The past and future can be used as tools – we tap into the past to gain wisdom so we can start to create our future – the imaginary future you may create in your mind doesn’t have to be a consequence of the past. It’s a blank canvas and this card asks you to believe this.

We often limit ourselves in many areas, too scared to venture into a new career because we believe that certain job belongs to a particular social class – society and the media create brackets and we force ourselves to fit into the categories that have been around for generations. Re-invent yourself and show the new ‘me’ the compassion you deserve.

Tarot card 4: The Devil

The Devil card for generations has invoked fear in people for understandable reasons. However, the message for you here is asking you to be very honest with yourself.

Are you unconsciously pushing someone away because your own fears and insecurities are getting in the way? In a traditional sense, the Devil is a character intent on playing tricks on us so we may be tempted to serve ourselves and tap into the darker side of human nature.

Often we’ll protect ourselves by allowing someone else to remain around us without giving them a good understanding of the position they hold in our lives. In this way we still have some control over whats happening and don’t have to face the potential of loss.This creates a lot of game playing and people feeling they’re being cheated or have been led into a false sense of security.

Should you find yourself in this situation or on the receiving end of it, this is the time to leave the point of questioning and analysing from a distance so there can finally be some home truths in order to see a way forward. As human beings we don’t always realise that sometimes we can be so fiercely guarded that we see kindness as a threat and so we return to something more familiar – hanging in the balance between curiosity and avoiding having to make any tough decisions. The key message here is: do not deceive yourself by avoiding feelings that may be uncomfortable in the present moment. Your temporary pain now can become your freedom in the future. 

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