Tarot Reading – immediate advice

This interactive Tarot reading may have some advice for your immediate future. Concentrate on the numbers 1-5 and then choose one number that ‘jumps out at you’ stick with your first choice and only choose one! Then scroll down to see if there is a message for you from the Tarot.



Tarot card The high priestessThe High Priestess: Time to heed the wisdom of your feminine side. Your intuition is awakened and you show unusual patience with situations allowing them to unfold in their own time if that inner voice tells you to. However you also know when to leap like a ninja if necessary!  A woman could also provide you with a rich source of wisdom and the guidance you seek. You are the High Priestess and your greatest Guru but you must listen to your powerful intuition and inner voice.

Tarot card The LoversThe Lovers:  A new relationship could be on the horizon or an old one is re-kindled. You’re in the mood to indulge or be indulged and if no one is around to do this with, then chances are you’ll indulge yourself – perhaps with a new look. If you can’t be in love with someone else, love yourself and your creativity now.Your passion is flowing and growing, put your passion into action.

Tarot card The HermitThe Hermit: There is a difference between being lonely and choosing to be alone. You could be craving some time to contemplate and sort through some issues or just get back in touch with nature. Don’t force yourself to go out and be the life and soul of the party when all you want is some ‘me’ time. Your time alone could give you a great revelation.

Tarot card The SunThe Sun: The literal meaning of this card is standing in the Sun once again after a period of ‘stormy weather’. Problems and difficulties are suddenly a thing of the past and you plug back into fun and joy once again. Children could feature or else just the feeling of release from past difficulties makes you feel like a child again. You’re creative juices are flowing so do something with them. Joy and passion flood in and fill you with a renewed sense of wonder.

Tarot card The ChariotThe Chariot: You’re on your way but this card asks that you maintain your focus. Where focus goes energy flows. Don’t be deviated or scatter your resources or you will end up being pulled in two directions and won’t achieve the outcome that can be yours with the right mindset. Time to hone those mental powers of yours. You got this!

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