Tarot Reading – Guidance from your soul

Hello Beautiful Soul,

Welcome to your free tarot reading. Is there a message for you behind one of the three tarot cards? Look closely at the cards and choose the one that catches your attention. Before you scroll down for your answer, tune into your own psychic energy, and see if you can feel what the tarot card is going to reveal.

Once we start to trust our psychic ability and awaken our inner sorceress all sorts of information and wisdom can surge through. You are loaded with abundant magic and enlightenment waiting to unveil itself to support your journey.

Tarot Card One – The 5 of Cups – The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck

You might have been feeling disappointed or let down recently. You are a sensitive and giving spirit and can be shocked when others are cruel or selfish.

Having said that, you are so deep feeling that when you are hurt you can become overwhelmed with emotion. The 5 of Cups tells you that whatever has happened recently ALL IS NOT LOST.

In fact, you have many gifts, much love and beautiful experiences to come. Try not to focus all of your energy on your loss, but reach out to the love that surrounds you. Many gifts await that you might not be feeling in this moment.

Tarot Card Two – The Ace of Cups – Wild Unknown Tarot Deck

Yay! Love surrounds you and you are stepping into a time of loving and emotional bliss. Your heart chakra is opening and you feel a deep sense of belonging.

You are connecting with sacred love and through this awaken the flow back into your life. A peak emotional experience is on the way where you feel your soul overflowing with abundant emotions.

A new love may blossom or there might be a moment of total connection with a beloved. If you’re single or not interested in romantic love you have a cosmic connection to being part of the divine whole.

Tarot Card Three – The 5 of Pentacles- The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck

If you look at the rose she is drooping down, above her is the light she seeks.

Things may have been tough for you recently, you may have felt left out in the cold. Or perhaps you have been going through financial troubles? There has been hardship around you and you’ve had to push through. It doesn’t matter if it is emotional or financial as whatever it was, it took it out of you. You need and deserve compassion and to know your feelings count.

Perhaps this feeling has been ongoing? The 5 of pentacles highlights the fact that there is a light surrounding you. There are sanctuary and peace in front of you. A divine light is waiting to guide you.

Have you been so used to this emotion that you are stuck in it? There’s support and hope coming. Try to break routines and habits, shift patterns and look beyond your immediate circumstances. Help is at hand. Expect and receive positive change.

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