Tarot Reading  – Advice for the coming week

tarot card reading

Tarot Reading – Advice for the coming week

Hello Gorgeous soul,

Focus on the 7 Tarot cards and see if you feel one has a message for you. Then scroll down and read your weekly Tarot advice. In the meantime look at the card and see if it gives you an intuitive message. How do you feel about the Tarot card? What colours or feelings jump out? Trust your intuition!

Love Michele x


Tarot Card One – Knight of Wands

It’s easy to think about abundance regarding having more money or more ‘stuff’, but it’s much more than that. Abundance is a total state of being where you dance with the whole of creation in the flow of positive energy, appreciating all the good things already in your life and fully in your power when it comes to attracting more of what you want.

You’ve probably spent some time mulling over the direction you would like to take and now you are ready for action. Make sure you water your horse and take care of the details or you could find yourself galloping into unknown territory ill-prepared. All you need to do is make a plan and add a dose of practicality to your gung-ho effervescent new energy.

Tarot Card Two – 3 of Cups

You’re trotting towards joy this week! Your creative juices are flowing and inspiration comes easily to you. Want to start that novel or plot your next website/youtube/instagram reinvention? The time is now.

Perhaps you have doubted yourself or got caught in routines and patterns that no longer serve you? You are worthy of love, deep intimacy and equal friendships, this week shows you who and how.

Your soul needs this uptime, you may have felt drained or left out recently but that’s about to shift. Perhaps a bust-up with friends or a lover drained and confused you? The 3 of Cups is bringing a reunion and much hilarity.

Mates inspire you and you might even start a joint venture. Important feminine energy/feminist comrades/femme fatales/warrior queens will feature and help support you, make you laugh, and cheer you on. Which friends would you choose to be stranded on a desert island with? Hang out with them!

Tarot Card Three – 9 of Cups

Yay, You’ve got the wish card! Do you feel lucky? A splurge of fabulous is raining down on you this week. A desire, a longing or a cosmic order or wish you threw into the cosmos is about to come true. When you feel lovable the universe feels a sigh of relief because it is how things should be. Fingers crossed this week you are balanced and you have a moment of harmony within yourself.

So back to the wish, It might be a tiny wish or a ginormous one, but whatever it is, it’s a pat on the back for all the work you’ve put into changing your energy and life path. Laughter, loving and open-heartedness surround you. You’re encouraged to be playful and indulge in experiences that uplift you and make you smile.

Your creative potential is unlimited so put your passion into action. Love is on the agenda and as your confidence soars, it’s honey to the honey’s!

Tarot Card Four – The Hermit

If you feel alone or isolated this week the Cosmos is surrounding you in love. Perhaps, for a moment, surrender to your solitude. Embrace the space to be yourself and go within and tune into your inner light. In the stillness comes a revelation. Mindfulness unravels mysteries.

You are a fountain of wisdom and knowledge. Allow your inner guru to deliver you the answers that you seek. Hermitage can be a transitionary phase. Through taking space you can seek to create any destiny you choose.
You are more powerful than you know. Take the freedom of this time to explore your desires.

Maybe the Hermit is telling you to seek time for yourself? When was the last time you were able to do exactly as you please? The alone time contains miracles and you’re about to find them.

Tarot Card Five – Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords brings you a message of great importance. You are holding the essence of Air in your hands. Your mind is rapier sharp, you are prepared to cut away the crap and canter towards victory. You can no longer tolerate being manipulated or swayed.

You may have to cast a cloak over your natural empathy and make a tough choice, but this decision is likely to bring you success, including financial opportunities. Wield your sword kindly and with the impeccable truth of your heart. Oh, it can also bring in a lump sum of money or a positive change in financial circumstances.

Tarot Card Six – Strength

It’s likely that you’ve been through or are going through a hard or challenging time. Strength comes to you this week to remind you that you are safe and have an unconquerable spirit. If there are situations in your life where people are trying to control or dominate you, if you feel angry or stressed out, reach into your inner warrior of love.

The strength card shows that true power is gentle. Losing your cool is not necessarily the best use of your energy, in fact, you could that could mean you are falling into someone’s trap! Watch, learn, think before you react.

Rouse your empathy for yourself, know that your vulnerability is also your strength. Whatever has been causing you to feel ‘weak’ or bogged down can be overcome now. Take time to think outside the box and see the different ways you can handle any challenges around you. You can transform a situation.

Tarot Card Seven – 2 of swords

The two of swords whispers that you have a decision to make. Perhaps you are so busy intellectualising or overthinking the problem that you can’t make a choice? Or maybe you feel that neither is quite right?
The Two of Swords is asking you if you have to answer the question now? Can you wait until the solution becomes clear? What is gained by deciding in this moment? Go forward when you are SURE of the direction you want to go.

In a hurry?

There’s a magical technique that you could try which involves holding two identically sized stones (or objects), Label the stones choice 1 / choice 2.
Before you pick the stones up close your eyes and ask your question. Take your time. Sit with the choices. Finally, with your eyes closed feel which stone feels heavier. This may enable your intuition your mind and your heart to deliver you the enlightenment you seek.

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