Tarot Card Reading – Choose 1 Of The 4 Cards

Tarot Card Reading – Choose one of the four Tarot Cards

Hey Wonderful Soul Warrior,

Are you ready for a dash of psychic insight? Is there a question you have in your mind? Do you feel drawn to one of the four Tarot cards in the picture?

Take a moment to have a chat with your own psychic intuition and ask for an accurate psychic message. You are a natural mystic and have all the answers within you. The joy of the Tarot is that it can plug you into the mains of your spirit and boost your awareness.

Choose a card and then scroll down for your answer.

Tarot Card One – The Lovers

Yasss! Your passion is rising! The Lovers brings you a message of love. Now is the time for you to feel the vibration of passion. Love is entering your being and you are drawn to experiences, people and environments that excite you.

How is your love life at the moment? Expect a positive shift. It may be time to make a choice. Choose love!

Tarot Card Two – 2 of Swords

There is a feeling of indecision around you. Perhaps you are blocking your own intuition or ignoring an answer because it will create temporary disruption?

Having said that if you are unsure of what to do, don’t feel the need to take action just for the sake of it. Wait for your mind and heart to clear and then do what is right for you and your soul path.

Tarot Card Three – 4 of Cups

You have a wonderful experience waiting for you. An offer is being sent to you from the cosmos, but are you seeing it? You may be so set on controlling your current situation that you don’t see the magic around you.

Step out of your comfort zone, stretch your boundaries and try completely new choices. Trust that there is a higher wisdom working in your favour.

Tarot Card Four – 6 of Cups

A joyful past life connection/soul friend is journeying towards you. Just by connecting with this soul, you feel recharged and more yourself. You are also inspired to play, have fun.

What makes you feel connected? What allows you to forget your troubles and be in the moment? When was the last time you laughed out loud? Make time for all the things in life that give you pleasure. When you play, your energy flows and shifts.

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  1. Thank u ur quite right it’s having the courage to change so hard for me especially wen thee r no finances u just can’t move firward

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