Soul’s Journey Oracle With Our Psychic David (2269) Choose A Photo

Soul’s Journey Oracle With Our Psychic David (2269)

Hi, I’m David – one of Michele Knight’s psychic team!

Feeling lost? I have developed this psychic oracle to help you regain a sense of direction in your life.

When I am giving readings, Spirit often speak in travel metaphors – paths of learnings, voyages of discovery. So I thought it would be fun to use travel images to give you insights and inspiration. If you have lost your way, you can use this oracle to reset your divine compass!

Set aside some time just for you, where you won’t be disturbed. Play some soothing music if it helps. Light a candle and say: I now open up to Spirit’s guidance, using the messages within this Oracle.

Take a look at the four pictures below. Without over-thinking, allow your gaze to softly rest on one of the pictures. You will be naturally drawn to one of them.

When you have chosen your picture, scroll below to reveal the answer.

If you have chosen this picture, the Universe in inviting you to take a leap of faith or some inspired action. This is not a time to wait….especially if you have been waiting a long time for other people, or outer situations to change.

It’s time to get on that train! Maybe you’re changing your career path, or leaving a stagnant relationship. Maybe you’re simply investing less time in things that don’t really serve you. But the station-master is blowing the whistle and it’s time to climb aboard! If others want to join you on that journey, then so be it. If they are not ready, then maybe they can catch up with you later – at the right time, and in the right way. But in order to create positive change, the Universe is asking you to flow with it. Universal energy does not stand still, it is always moving. The Universe knows what would bring you the greatest joy, and in order to receive those blessings, we have to keep in the flow.

You might have to let go of procrastination and perfectionism. Don’t allow over-thinking to slow down your vibration. Silence the voice of doubt in your mind, and embrace the future with an open mind and an open heart. Know that by getting on that train, your needs will be met. It might not be instant gratification. And you might have to let go of attachments that give you a short-term boost but don’t really allow you to grow.

But you’ve already felt that nudge from Spirit, and this is the confirmation. You can travel light, because you will find – in time – that all of the resources you need are on that train. Don’t let fear of lack stop you from climbing aboard. This is an infinitely abundant Universe that delights in giving you everything you need.

The message of this picture is: stay put and set your own itinerary. Take your sweet time and remember who you are. You might have received an offer that doesn’t feel quite right to you. Or there might be a dominant person around you asking for more. This picture is asking you to tune into your own values. You are a powerful creative being, and you always have choices. When you take time to silence mental chatter and step aside from demanding energies, then you will be able to hear your own intuition – which is the voice of your authentic self. It’s the voice of your soul that can help you to make empowered choices and create the life you dream about.

Be careful at this time to not get ‘advice and guidance overload’. Loyal friends can hold space for you, but the advice they would give might come from their own values and life experiences. By all means, seek other perspectives – but then give it time to marinate.

The picture is also telling you to feel comfortable with whatever you choose, as sometimes people are telling us that grass is greener, the good stuff is ‘over there’ or that we need to be constantly active to get what we want in life. You might have to work through your FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) or maybe release some guilt about not giving people what they want in this very moment. You might also have to be strong and not give into peer pressure. Let your friends go sight seeing whilst you have some quiet time with a book and a glass of wine!

The message here is – embrace adventure and expand your horizons. You need help in getting out of your own way. Maybe you are locked into a pattern of unhelpful thoughts that keep you small. Maybe you’re sick of looking at the same four walls. Now is the time to embrace a new perspective -think of the view you would get from this hot air balloon!

Quite often we can find it difficult to shift our mood and unravel negative thinking all by ourselves. So if you get invitations to travel or be around uplifting people – now is the time to say YES. It’s also a great time to explore new friendships or interests. You can take action on this – for example, look at evenings classes or meet-up groups in your area. But also look for signs and clues from the Universe – invitations to try new things.

This picture also represents keeping an open mind. Be open to new suggestions and ideas from people. Don’t become too stubborn or fixed in your thinking  – allow others to share their guidance with you, even if it’s feel uncomfortable (home truths usually do). You might receive signs, synchronicities and invitations from unexpected places. Your intuition will guide you to make safe choices, so don’t worry. We can always give a logical and convincing argument as to why we don’t need to change, but be humble enough to see that your current thinking and habits might not be giving you what you need.

The universe is asking you to be playful and not take yourself too seriously. You might have been working too hard or pushing too hard to get results. If you take some time out, go on holiday, or spend time in nature – you might find that the Universe has helped you to resolve a problem whilst you are away. It could be a green light on a work project. Or a text message from a friend that you’ve been waiting a long time for. Rest and recreation is a huge part of the manifesting process. Take a break, get out of your own way and let the Universe pick up the slack.

If you chose this picture then it’s time to make plans and intentions.

The message is – chart your own course. It’s time to be intentional and take action to create the outcome you want.

When I give readings, Spirit don’t tell people what to do. And they don’t predict the future like it’s set in stone. Very often they want to help you to become clearer about what you want. When that clarity is reached, your Spirit team act like a divine delivery service to send that message back into the Universe. So do you know where you are going and what you really want?

I can ALWAYS tell when a client has been doing manifesting or intention-setting work, because it LITERALLY changes what I see for them. What I see in their future is because they put it there! And so there is no reason to doubt that it will happen, as long as the client doesn’t bring doubt into the mix. 

If you chose this picture then it could be that you need to pay more attention to what you CAN change for yourself -as this will be your route to independence and empowerment. It could be that you have spent too much time thinking about stuff that is out of your hands….for example, how you are seen by others, what others may want from you etc. Setting goals and making plans will put your back into the driving seat of your life.

You don’t always need a detailed masterplan or a super-specific strategy. As the saying goes ‘the best laid plans go to waste’. If you are too rigid and pedantic, then you are not leaving room for intuition, unexpected change, or input from the divine. Another common mistake is to bite off more than you can chew and try to change every aspect of your life at once. We see this every year with New Year’s Resolution.

The guidance from Spirit is to keep it simple – maybe focus on just one life-aspect that you want to improve, and then after a few months move onto another. Start with some soft and fun exercises, to get clear on what you what to manifest – for example vision boarding or writing. Don’t ask for what you think you can get, ask for what you really want! Then expand this by writing down your intentions in the present tense, as if you are already experiencing it. So for example – what does your ideal working day look like? Give as much detail as possible and make sure it is emotional and evocative – because the Universe responds to the vibration of emotion, not just words.

When you have generated some amazing vibes from this, then let those vibes fuel the solid plans and goals you begin to make.

I hope this oracle has given you upliftment and clarity!

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Lots of love,

David 2269



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