Psychic Kim’s Rainbow Oracle Cards – What do you need?

Life can often be busy and we can find ourselves juggling numerous things and speeding through the days. During times like this, we can lose focus and forget about ourselves and what we may want and need. Taking some time out to reflect on our own energy and desires is essential and helps us to focus on what we need to do for us.

For your reading today, I wanted to introduce you to my own cards called the Rainbow Oracle cards.  I co-created these cards with psychic artist Lucy Byatt. These cards use colour as a way to provide information and transformation. Each card has its own unique colour vibration and meaning and affirmation to use. 

Take a moment to focus on the picture of the 5 numbered cards in front of you. Ask the question: what do I need to focus on this week for my own personal growth? Intuitively choose the card that stands out most for you and check below for your answer


Now is the time to turn your attention to the healing power of self-love. You have drawn this card because you need to nurture yourself with love and positive emotions. Sometimes we get so busy in our day to day lives and focus so much on external things that we forget ourselves. We forget about our own needs and can get lost in the cycle of constantly giving away our energy. This can leave us feeling drained and depleted.

Take some time now to think about what you need. It is okay to stop and nurture yourself now. You deserve some attention and it is okay to give energy to yourself without feeling guilt. Focus on this soft pink and let this colour enter into your energy field. Allow yourself to receive this colours healing energy and fill yourself with love.

AFFIRMATION: I allow myself to completely experience self-love. 



Green is the colour of new beginnings in life. When you pull this card, you can rest assured that this is a time to let go of the past and to embrace a new start. You may start to notice the inklings of new things coming into your life. This could come in many forms, new friendships, a new job, a home move or even a new relationship.  Have faith in these new changes as they come with a sense of renewal and uplifting energy that you should embrace.

Meditate on this green and let this colour enter your energy field. Use the energy of this colour to generate new ideas in your mind and let these ideas guide you along new paths.

AFFIRMATION:  I embrace new beginnings that are coming into my life.


ISOLATION – light grey

You seem to be going through a period in your life where you are feeling isolated and alone. You may find that everyone around you seems to be preoccupied and appear a little distant.  Although you may feel alone, you do have support from the universe and are being held. Use this time of isolation to connect with yourself on a deeper level and to tune into your deeper feelings and wisdom. 

Meditate on this light grey and allow this colour to wash over. Let it teach you about the gift of solitude and isolation. There is much wisdom to be gained during this period of time.

AFFIRMATION: I honour my solitude and the gifts that it teaches me. 


FORGIVENESS -turquoise

This card brings you the opportunity to heal and release yourself from negative thought patterns. You seem to be holding onto things from the past and have found it hard to move past some situations. Now is the time to let go of things from the past and forgive people and situations that hold you back. By letting go of any resentments you will free up space to bring in more positive things.

Meditate and focus on the colour turquoise. Allow it to enter your energy field and body and wash away any negativity and resentments. You don’t need to carry these things anymore.

AFFIRMATION: I open myself up to the power of forgiveness.


DREAMTIME – twilight blue

This card urges you to take notice of your dreams and the messages that they bring. You are getting new information sent to you in your dreams and now is a good time to begin to start a dream diary. There is a lot to be learned by looking into your dreams and analysing what they are trying to tell you.

Meditate on this twilight blue, the colour of the night sky. There is wisdom in this colour and it is the gateway to the subconscious and dream world. You can journey to this place in meditation by focusing on this colour.

AFFIRMATION: I connect deeply to the secrets and knowledge that my dreams hold.

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