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If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed in life, it’s good to know how to give back to yourself and replenish your energies. By filling your own well, you can stay in your power and give more to others. When you honour your true needs, you can manifest miraculous outcomes for yourself!

I’ve developed this Psychic Self Care Oracle to help you uncover what you need most right now. These are photos from my travels in bonnie Scotland. I believe that flowers and plants have a magical quality. They can revive our energies and help us to find clarity.

Find a quiet time when you won’t be disturbed. Take some deep, cleansing breaths and relax your mind. Now look at the four pictures and see which one you are intuitively drawn to. Don’t over think it, go with your gut.

When you have chosen your picture, scroll below to reveal the answer.

With Love,

David 2269

Image 1 – Keep it light

You’ve been over-thinking and wrestling with some weighty topics. There is something that you’ve been trying to figure out all on your own, but you’re blocked. It’s time to reach out and lighten the mood! Put the self-help book down, and spend time with friends who uplift you, make you giggle and bring you out of yourself. Instead of speculating on your current problem, celebrate your achievements and how far you’ve come. Lean on your support network and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Make a list of the things that are currently working well in your life, and everything you are grateful for. Watch comedies or TV shows that bring out the playful and child-like side of you. Step out into nature and let the elements do the healing work for you. Dance and sing to music that reminds you of your free-spirited self. Have a joyful decluttering session. Wear vibrant colours or bring some fresh blooms into the home. Do some light exercise, yoga or free movement to help break up those stale energies.

Remember – Sometimes we don’t solve a problem by putting more attention on it. By changing your focus and getting out of your own way, you are leaving room for the Universe to intervene and tidy some of this up for you.

Image 2 – Rest and reflection

This is a STOP sign. Your situation has become so complex that it’s not making any sense to you right now. It may seem that your efforts are not producing any results. All you have to do right now is surrender and to replenish your energies.

Cancel non-essential plans, and try not to think so much about how you are perceived by others. Catch up on sleep. Meditate. Have a duvet day. Listen to gentle, soothing music or a guided visualisation. Prepare food that is comforting and nutritious. Avoid busy or harsh environments that are full of stimuli. Silence the ringer on your phone or turn it off completely. Have a break from social media or harrowing news stories. Do one thing at a time. Practice mindfulness and pay more attention to the present moment. Take a relaxing bubble bath, or book yourself in for a pampering treatment.

Be content in the knowledge that you have said and done enough for the time being. It is likely that you’ve already expressed yourself very clearly in the situation, but you’re trying to force an outcome. Remember – what is meant for you won’t pass you by! Let it go for now. Give yourself some closure. A part of you is on high alert – your Inner Bodyguard. It is trying to protect you, and prepare you for every possible outcome, but running you ragged in the process. Give your Inner Bodyguard the day off!

Image 3 – Take action

Are you procrastinating at the moment, or avoiding a choice? You have come to point where any movement is good movement. There’s no such thing as the perfect path, so be courageous and just put one step forward. Taking action is best way to give back to yourself right now. You might be awaiting feedback or clarity from someone else, but it’s essential that you concentrate on the aspects of your life that YOU can influence. If you find yourself to be mentally or physically sluggish, be aware that this is could be a disguise for your resistance and fear. Take rest if you need to, but don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. Try not to be thrown off by your negative self-talk and inner criticism. Be aware that it’s not the real you, ignore it and take a leap of faith.

Set some goals and ask a friend or helper to keep you accountable. Spend time around encouraging, high-energy people and avoid naysayers and critics. Write about everything you’d like to manifest in your life – think big, and don’t dwell on the ifs buts and maybes (you can figure that out later). Look at your vocation in life – your true calling – and think about what you can do TODAY to move closer to that, even if it’s just a baby step.

Image 4 – Boundaries

This image is asking you to reflect on your energy dynamics with others. How we treat ourselves sets the tone for how others treat us in life. I feel that you’ve been having trouble expressing your needs, and it’s causing you stress. Has someone been taking too much from you recently? Is someone stepping on your toes? Instead of just wishing they were different, think about how you could communicate your needs to that person/people. Consider how you could stop giving as much. Sometimes we over-give because we think it’s what we need to do in order be seen, to be loved and to be appreciated. Is that true? Try some positive affirmations to boost your self-esteem and to help you realise that you are ‘enough’ just as you are.

We can also over-give if we are scared to commit to our own dreams, so therefore we ensure that our entire time and energy is taken up with the needs of others. Are you scared of your own power? Are you frightened to admit what you truly want for yourself?

It’s time to get comfortable with saying ‘no’ to the people, places, duties and commitments that weigh you down. ‘No’ can be said without anger or defensiveness. ‘No’ can be said with love. ‘No’ is not just a word, but an action. There’s a difference between supporting someone and indulging them. By saying ‘no’ and not indulging someone, you can be giving someone a wonderful gift and learning opportunity. You are helping them to be independent and to witness their own strengths.

Look at boundaries of time, and think about how you can get more time for yourself right now. Could you delegate tasks to friends, family members or colleagues? Think about boundaries of space too. If you share a living or workspace with someone, is there a way you could create a more harmonious environment? As a sensitive soul, your environment is very important to you.

I feel that some clear communication would be the best form of self-care for you right now. Not many of us are taught how to express our needs assertively. We don’t want to cause offense, and we’re scared of being misjudged, so we bottle up our feelings instead. We may have ‘rules’ about how to behave or how we want the world to be, and sometimes we expect others to be mind-readers and to know instantly how we want to be treated.

Search online for assertiveness tips, because it’s time for you to speak your truth!

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