A Psychic Relationship Reading With Jonothan

I thought I would focus on relationships in this psychic reading for you, not just romantic relationships they can include friends and colleagues too, relationships are the connections that you have with people that mean something to you. Sometimes in life and particularly during the recent planetary aspects chaos can ensue and clarity can vanish . It’s ok as it can actually test our endurance and inner strength. Change is inevitable in life however progression is actually a choice- what we do in our relationships with this energy is the key.

So, think of the relationship or relationships, focus on the cards, and choose the card that you are drawn to and discover what aspect is effecting you or what action is needed to positively guide you in the relevant relationship. These cards are an oracle and they’re all about showing you the over riding/contributing aspects or what is needed to shift a situation.



Tarot Card 1

” The only thing that is constant is change”.

Planetary cycles are so influential in life and they definitely affect us in the relationships that we have with people. In recent weeks, there has been a host of planets going backwards, mostly the heavy weights! This has really impacted everyone’s sense of self and has also caused changes in people’s relationships. What I feel from your situation is that your own view of the relationship will become much clearer and the view of the person you are dealing with. There has been a lot of self-work going on between you both separately, in addition to dealing with individual past issues which can be a lone task, hence the possible lack of contact and clarity between you both recently. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s actually great when you’ve done some self-work, as it unlocks your potential as an individual and can make you feel much lighter in your own life and your partnerships. Any relationship of any kind, in my opinion, works most effectively when the two individuals come together as happy-or as much as possible at least. I feel this will be the case for you, and my advice is to try and just enjoy this last period of chill and time with yourself before the opportunity for connection presents itself.

Tarot Card 2

” Be courageous in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire”.

Courage! Being courageous is a funny thing as I find it often implies something is “difficult”, when showing courage is something that can assist you during positive times too, being courageous is a strength and it can lead to expansion! So why not have it all the time? What I feel from your situation is that there will be some final and perhaps tougher aspects in this cycle but you can, and you will get through it. All you need to do is to come from a place of strength within to deal with the difficulties in life effectively. I sense this is a part of your character anyway!

The courageous aspect in your situation is relevant to you listening to your intuition, don’t give up at the last hurdle and be brave enough to express the reasons that you are sticking with your situation. You can do this to yourself and the other person or people around you. Affirmations show conviction, confidence and they express our intentions in what we are passionate about in our lives. Reaffirming and expressing these things is courageous and can only be a good thing as it can evoke faith and empowerment. I feel that your situation will become easier through the month and I do see a much smoother sea on the horizon for you. Try to remember to be good to you in the process and have as much faith in yourself as you do in the actual situation.

Tarot Card 3


I’m not trying to make light of or dismiss the impact that your situation here, believe me, I empathise with how a lack of clarity and chaos can be a royal pain in the ass. What I feel is happening in your situation is high levels of chaos and challenges- such as people acting out. How I see your situation is that it is extremely passionate and that you, in turn, are an incredibly passionate person. This can provoke a tempestuous and turbulent situation at times both internally and externally! The advice that I would give to you is to reign your impulsivness in and take the time to realign yourself.

What is happening is that the breaks aren’t being pumped enough in your situation and with your energy, you’re rallying around, and this is leading to a sense of burn out for you. When this happens, it can lead to a whole different type of chaos, and it can also provoke knee jerk reactions, so as the card says it’s meditation time. Meditation is one of the best ways to centre and realign yourself, do this for yourself and for the people you are dealing with, remember that energy is contagious and the vibe you have does have an impact on others. We can all benefit at times from being a steady flame as opposed to a wild fire! You’ll notice the positive impact that this can have on you and your situation. It is also important to understand that mediation is whatever you can do personally to centre and realign, ultimately it’s whatever chills you out and empowers you, it doesn’t have to be the old school way it’s an individual thing. ☯

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