Psychic Fitness and You Quiz

Psychic Fitness and You Quiz

Building our spiritual muscles and paying attention to our psychic health is a big part of our journey here, but how well do you actually score when it comes to nurturing yours? Take this quiz and find out.

All you need to do is answer A, B, C or D to the following questions, then add up your scores and check the answers at the bottom.

When it comes to following your gut instincts, which of the following statements most describes you?

a)      I’m always kicking myself for not paying attention to what my instincts tell me!
b)      I have noticed that the more I listen to my instincts, the better decisions I make.
c)       It’s not always possible to act immediately on my instincts, but I always take them seriously.
d)      If I get a strong feeling about something I try to meditate to get some clarity on what’s going on and let it guide me if I feel it’s taking me in the right direction.

Which of the following most closely echoes your approach to your career?

a)      I don’t really like what I do and I’d change it if I could but nothing else seems to come my way.
b)      I do have a career path in mind, but I must admit that paying attention to it often loses out to other things.
c)       I’ve got a definite career plan and I check in regularly to make sure I do what I can to move towards my goals.
d)      I do have a plan and I also try working it in with the Law of Attraction, putting out a few Cosmic Orders and paying attention to any signs I get along the way.

You’ve made a mistake.  What’s your first response?

a)      I’m always doing stupid things. I hate myself for it, but it’s like I can never get anything right.
b)      I’ve definitely got a few blind spots but I’m working on them!
c)       I do whatever I can to put it right, make sure I learn from it and don’t tend to make the same one twice.
d)      I try not to beat myself up and remember that making mistakes is part of my evolution and that the important thing is to learn from them.

For some reason you’re facing a weekend alone.  What do you do?

a)      I hate it.  I do whatever I can just to get through it.
b)      I don’t relish it but at least it gives me a chance to catch up on a few jobs I’ve been putting off.
c)       Bliss!  I can totally please myself and dip in to my store of treats I’ve been saving up for when I’ve got the time.
d)      I’ll use it to get out and reconnecting with nature or do something that puts me back in balance with things.

How do you manage your personal finances?

a)      Oh, I’m clueless when it comes to money.  I don’t know where it all goes!
b)      I’m pretty good at budgeting but sometimes you just have to have a good old splurge, even if it puts you in the red for a bit.
c)       I’ve got a pretty good idea of what I’ve got at any one time and I’ve got a little pot I add to whenever I can to put towards treats.
d)      I’m good at handling money in a practical sense but then I also try to focus on abundant thinking.  Money is just one aspect of abundance and I find that if I set my intention to do or have something, I’m much more likely to find a way!

Someone criticizes you.  What’s your response?

a)      I’m devastated.  And the more I think of it, the more it hurts.
b)      I attack back.  Who do they think they are?
c)       It depends.  What I try and do is look beyond the way they’ve said it and think about whether there’s anything I need to look at in what they’ve said.  If there is, I’ll take it on the chin.  If not, it just rolls over me.  You can’t please everyone!
d)      I pay attention but I try not to take things personally, even if I decide to make a change as a result of what they’ve said.  I do know that what happens is always a mirror of what’s going on inside me, so if it’s happening a lot I know it’s a clue to change my energy.

You’ve been dating someone for a short time and a few things that they do make you very uncomfortable.  What do you do?

a)      I overlook them.  No one’s perfect and if you don’t want to be alone you have to compromise.
b)      I have been guilty in the past of hoping that someone will change and probably staying in something that wasn’t working longer than I should, but I’m trying to learn.
c)       Depends what we’re talking about. All relationships need a bit of give and take, but if I find that I’m doing all the giving and they’re doing all the taking, I don’t stick around long.
d)      When that happens, sometimes it’s because my buttons are getting pushed and I need to deal with that, but sometimes I just have to accept that we aren’t right for each other and then you have to move on.

How well do you look after your health?

a)      Look, whatever gets me through the day, okay?  I’ll get round to that later.
b)      I think I’m fairly normal – the occasional mad burst of exercise when summer’s coming and then the odd tub of ice cream as compensation for a lousy day!
c)       It’s all about balance, isn’t it? I would say I’m fairly good without being fanatical.
d)      It’s definitely important to me and I do what I can.  I would include spiritual health in that!

How do you rate yourself compared to others?

a)      I know that I’m not as attractive or together or intelligent as other people, but what can I do?
b)      Everyone’s got their strengths and weaknesses, haven’t they?  No one’s perfect.  I’m probably about average.
c)       I don’t really do those kind of comparisons.  If I’m doing the best I can, it doesn’t seem to serve any kind of useful purpose.
d)      I catch myself comparing myself to other people sometimes but it’s not really a good thing to do.  I try not to dwell on it.

Would you ever consider going on holiday alone?

a)      No way!  I won’t even go to the cinema unless someone comes with me.
b)      Yes, but I’d probably pick a singles or group holiday so it came with a ready supply of people to hang out with.
c)       Absolutely – if there was a place I wanted to visit or something I wanted to do and no one wanted to come with me, I’d definitely go on my own.  You always meet people along the way, anyhow.
d)      Of course.  Actually, sometimes I’ve been really drawn to go somewhere and when that happens something magical usually happens when I get there.

Someone who’s borrowed money before and never paid it back asks for another loan.  What do you do?

a)      I don’t really want to, but if I’ve got it, I’ll lend it to them.  You can’t say no, can you?
b)      If I do, I’ve weighed up in my mind whether they really need it and only if I can afford not to get it back, which is the most likely outcome.
c)       I’ll say sorry but no.  Nicely.  But once bitten twice shy.
d)      There’s no quick answer to that one!  Sometimes the right thing to do is say yes, at other times it’s right to say no.  The trick is working out which one is right.

How much time to you spend daydreaming?

a)      A lot!  I always like to imagine winning the lottery or going on X Factor and being discovered.  It gives me a boost to get through the day.
b)      Not that much really.  Like everyone, I’ve got a few fantasies, but they’re just that really.  Like watching a film.  Then you get on with life.
c)       Very little.  I do have dreams, and some of them might seem a bit out there to other people (I want to walk the Inca trail one day!) but they’re more like goals or things that I have every intention of making come true.
d)      Not so much daydreaming, but I do meditate as often as I can and sometimes I’ll use visualisations to help me with whatever I’m trying to manifest.

Now add up your scores

Most A

Every single one of us is worthy of love and here for a reason – and that includes you.  Learning how to cherish and nurture ourselves, our hopes and dreams is part of our journey here and actually helps us become more authentically loving towards others and express our unique gifts in this world.  Taking care of ourselves isn’t selfish.  It’s actually necessary and helps us become the person we were destined to be.  See what happens when you begin to behave towards yourself in the way that you no doubt treat other people.  See yourself as worthy of love, give yourself that care and watch how the world magically moves around to mirror that.  Take a look at some of the other answers and begin to wonder how your life might be if you adopted the same approach.  You’ll find loads of free resources on this site that will help you build a good, loving relationship to yourself.  Make this the year that you love you, and magic will follow!

Mostly B

You’re pretty good when it comes to looking after yourself and you know when you are and when you push yourself to one side for any reason.   You’ve probably got very good instincts that tell you when you’re getting off track.  There are times when it feels that we are being pulled away from taking care of our needs and sometimes that’s a choice we can make in full consciousness, knowing that we will need to replenish our tanks at some point!  Many of us get taught that to take care of ourselves is selfish and that we should always put other people first.  You know that’s not true, but you can occasionally get distracted. It might be worth doing a little soul searching to examine any beliefs around your worth that could do with a bit of tweaking, but otherwise you’re well on the way to being a good friend to yourself!

Mostly C

You’ve got a very healthy sense of self and your worth. You definitely fall into the category of someone who is your own best friend.  You’re self reliant without cutting yourself off from other people, have a good sense of your own strengths and weaknesses and know how to work on yourself without punishing yourself for any of the slips that we can all make along the way.  Your rich inner world means that you are just as happy in your own company as with others and you see yourself very much as master or mistress of your own destiny.  You definitely tend towards the pragmatic and see everything as being down to you, but sometimes this may mean you miss out on the magic and mystery of life.  See what happens if you soften up sometimes and let yourself be amazed by the wonder of the universe and your connection to the whole.

Mostly D

You’ve got a great relationship with yourself and you’re also very in tune with your higher power and your connection to the universe.  For you, life is very much a spiritual journey that you are aware you take in a physical form and you prefer to look at everything that happens along the way as a series of experiences that help you embrace a higher perspective.  The answers you bring to life change as your understanding grows and you are led by your desire to move towards the big picture. Your own spiritual practice, whatever it is, plays a big part in your day to day life and you’re very in touch with the guidance you receive and any miracles that have happened along your way.

What if you get a mix of A, B, C and D?

That may just mean that you’re great at being your own best friend and are totally in tune with your higher power in some areas of your life, but others could do with an overhaul!  Go back and look at your answers and try and work out whether there might be any patterns at play.  Are you good at taking care of yourself financially, but have a total blind spot when it comes to your health?  Do you have a pretty good sense of where you want to go in life, but tend to put up with treatment that makes you uncomfortable in your personal relationships?  Have you got a long way on your own, but could you make a few dazzling leaps if you embraced the idea that we live in a universe of endless possibility?  Look at where you’ve done well, and where there’s room for improvement.  Build on your strengths and let those spread out across the other areas of your life.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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