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Psychic Angel Reading

Autumn is a time we feel and smell a change is in the air. The earth has started to slow herself down which should make us feel more relaxed for the time being. Soon we will be stepping into the darker half of the year. The perfect time to reflect and have some down-time before the festive period kicks in. I have chosen four angel oracle cards; to provide a forecast and offer you some guidance for the time left of the year. Think of these messages as little letters from your angels. Look at the cloud picture and see which one is calling you x
Ask your angels to send you a message and choose a card to reveal that for you.
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Angel Isabella, the good messenger. The plans you have for yourself are being supported and encouraged by this card because the timing is perfect. You should expect to feel more connected to your relationships and there seems to be a desire within you to start looking at other employment opportunities. Take assurance from this angel message as you are about to feel content and settled. Embrace the inner peace.
Your need to nurture others will be a guiding light for someone around you who is dealing with their own troubles. Now is a time to give something back, to heal a situation using your empathy and compassion.


You know your own truth but there appears to be a huge block in the way of your happiness. Oceana represents the feminine in all of us, male or female, and asks us to use our feminine power to transform ourselves. We are always being pushed to improve ourselves, change how we look, keep up with the ever-changing world.
This is one of our biggest problems and feels like peer pressure from the media and society, Oceana is a reminder of knowing what feels right for you, not to be conditioned into thinking of yourself in a way that isn’t loving or kind. Self-doubt and low self esteem are two powerful entities here. As a woman, you are being asked to come into your womanhood and take what you want from the world then leave the rest. Your future is an untouched canvas with you as the artist.


Your patience is being rewarded and you’ll soon feel appreciated. You have a natural affinity with people younger than yourself and you appear to have a lot of time for those who still have a lot to learn. Perhaps this is because you too would like a second chance and see a lot of yourself in younger souls.
Family is the salt of your earth and Rosetta lets you know you should expect to meet up with relatives you don’t get to see too often. Your door is always open to everyone so use this next few months to share your talents and gifts with others – you’ll never know how much it means to someone. The negative here is sometimes your open spirit can attract vulnerable souls who see you as a pillar of strength; happy to take on a host of problems with ease. Be sure to set boundaries with people you meet and don’t take another person’s troubles on-board as your own.


Confusion and a lack of information is being highlighted here. Merlina shows that you feel very passionately, you speak with conviction and can be steadfast in your opinions. This card asks you to find the shade of grey in all matters before you make your mind up. It is easy for you to feel something with such fire and intensity but often you don’t give enough time for the dust to settle so you can take a look at the situation from a different angle.
Your love life appears to be where this is most applicable, and you tend to get involved with others as stubborn and hot-headed as yourself.
Merlina has a blunt energy and asks us to step down from our throne and become the student all over again so we may remain open to learning more about other people we connect with. Even if you feel right, always give time and space to reconsider.

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