Tarot Reading – Immediate Future Psychic Advice

Four Tarot cards

Tarot Reading – Immediate Future Psychic Advice

Welcome to your free Tarot reading. Focus on the four cards and sense if one of them has a message just for you. Pay attention to your body and any sensations that come up when you gaze at the cards. Do you get a tingling, or do you get an instant knowing of which card to choose? And do any of the cards stand out? Do you feel one of the cards has psychic advice for the immediate future?

Why is this Tarot reading called psychic advice?

Hmmm, but why are you calling this psychic advice? Good question! It’s psychic advice because I want you to go one step further. I want you to not only read the small description of what the Tarot card means, but I also want you to tune into your own accurate psychic knowledge. Trust me, you are psychic! You might be aware of your psychic ability or it might be sleeping. Let’s give it a little nudge.


Wow! Ok,  so how do I plug myself into my own psychic superpowers?

Look at the card and see if you get any feeling about it. Think about a current situation that is bothering you and use the Tarot card as a snapshot of what is going on and how you can solve it. If your card were a photo, how would you describe it? If the card was a treasure map to success where is it leading you? Let your mind wander freely, trust whatever messages come.  Don’t forget to take notes on your phone or Tarot Journal.

Ready to dive in? Let’s go!

Choose Your Tarot Card

Four Tarot cards

Tarot Card One – Strength

strength tarot card

Strength! You are far stronger than you know. Strength is not brute force or angry rage. Strength can be quiet, warm, persistent. There is great strength in compassion and gentleness. What strength do you need right now? The Universe is empowering you and filling you with the courage you need to find your strength. Tune into the card and sense what important information it has for you.

Tarot Card Two –  The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is a Major Arcana card. The Major Arcana cards are the magic in the deck. If you chose this card it has a powerful message for you. The Wheel of Fortune promises a twist of fate, a turning of luck, and a situation that brings the growth for your soul journey. Some things in life are meant to be, there might be a strange coincidence, a new person, or an unexpected opportunity. Look at the Tarot Card. What secret message does it have for you?

Tarot Card Three – The 4 of Pentacles

4 of pentacles

Darling Soul, are you feeling blocked at the moment? There might have been situations that have caused you to protect yourself. When we build a wall around ourselves or overprotect what we have, we inadvertently create a barrier for the winds of change to blow through our lives. When we hold on too tightly we can prevent love, abundance, and deep bonds from forming. It’s time to trust again, to open to possibility. Look at the card and let it speak to your heart. Takedown notes and let the four of pentacles set you free.

Tarot Card Four – 6 of Wands

6 wands


Yay! The 6 of Wands reveals that VICTORY is coming! Success is in the offing and you will be rewarded for your efforts. A celebration of the fabulousness that is YOU! When you focus on this card does it show you any hints of where your victory will be? Will it be emotional, financial, or spiritual? Where do you feel you deserve recognition? Focus on the card and let the messages roll in. Sit looking at the card for a few minutes and then quickly jot down what you pick up.




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