The Power Of The One Tarot Card Spread

michele knight

Free Video Tarot with the UK’s favourite astrologer, Michele Knight

Discover the quick and simple way to tap into your spiritual compass with a little help from Michele. A one card tarot spread is often used to provide clarity around a specific situation, or to offer a snapshot of what you’re experiencing at present in your spiritual journey. The goal is to provide you with an awareness, and a touch of foresight as you navigate…your precious LIFE.

The Secret? Don’t overthink it

Take a deep breath and quiet your mind. Now tap the video below to get started.

Card One – The Moon

Intuition…Take the Wheel

Intuitive one, perhaps you have been ignoring your intuition? Psychic messages are climbing up from your unconscious. There’s a message coming that’s vying for your attention. Don’t let the fear of change stop you from acknowledging the truth.

It’s time to embrace your wisdom, your witchery skills, and your power. You already have the answer. Do not trust those that you know are not worthy of your heart.

Rise, sweet soul, rise.

Card Two – Three of Wands

Trust in your Future and the Adventures to Come

Are you reflecting on the past? The past has gone, dear one. You are now in a brand new reality. At this moment, you are creating your present and your future. When we regret the past or daydream about what could have been, wishing for things to go backward, we inadvertently disempower our present.

Of course, taking time to reflect on the past, to heal, is powerful. The past is the fertiliser to build an abundant and glorious present and future. You’re different now, you have many more choices. Lean into the now.

Card Three – Ace of Cups

Your Cup Runneth Over…Feel the Love Coming Through

Yeah, Baby!

The Ace of Cups brings an ocean of love and healing. A surge of emotional treasure is heading your way! Look out for moments of happiness. Do you see the love in the eyes of your close ones? A gift of love is on the way. Embrace it, you so deserve it.

Card Four – Ace of Pentacles

Time to Embrace Abundance

Hey Super Soul,

Wow! An Ace! The Ace of pentacles is a card of security, roots, and abundance. The most practical Ace in all the tarot, the Ace of Pentacles tells you that you are on track to lay firm and deep foundations. An opportunity is coming your way that sprouts all manner of possibilities. You’re oozing potential as the path to achievement blossoms before you.

You have earned the bounty coming your way, and fingers crossed, life feels more secure now.

2 thoughts on “The Power Of The One Tarot Card Spread

  1. You’re insight Michelle is amazing at a time when our 1year relationship is at a crossroads not easy to live with an alcoholic and a repeat cheater. I am doing the best I can cause I am not a quitter but time will certainly tell. Thank you so much. Best wishes from Perth Australia

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