Pick a Tarot Card – Immediate Vibes 

4 tarot cards

Pick a Tarot Card – Immediate Vibes 

Hello Gorgeous Soul,

Focus on the four Tarot cards and see if one of the cards speaks to you! Do you get a pull/nudge/vibe towards one of the cards? Perhaps it has a message for you? Pick your tarot card and scroll down for your tarot message about the week ahead.

Big love

Michele x

4 of cupsTarot Card One – 4 of Cups

We can all get caught in a situation where we struggle to see the full picture. We’re so focused on what we perceive as the only options that we miss the treasure we seek!

I’ll let you into a shockingly fabulous secret, we have Infinite choices. It is an illusion to think there are only one or two solutions or options. 

We train ourselves and can be brainwashed by the Patriarchy, and life, to limit our perception. We are also natural control freaks who want to hold tight to the reigns of our destiny.

The 4 of Cups is telling you that there is a cup being offered that you cannot see. You are so busy trying to work out the outcome that you are blind to the possibilities of possibilities in front of you.

Open your mind and your psychic intuition. There is so much more in the wings! Unravel the puzzle and welcome new dimensions.

3 of cupsTarot Card Two – 3 of Cups

You’re trotting towards joy this week! Your creative juices are flowing and inspiration comes easily to you. Want to start that novel or plot your next website/youtube/instagram reinvention? The time is now.

Perhaps you have doubted yourself or got caught in routines and patterns that no longer serve you? You are worthy of love, deep intimacy and equal friendships, this week shows you who and how.

Your soul needs this uptime, you may have felt drained or left out recently but that’s about to shift. Perhaps a bust-up with friends or a lover drained and confused you? 

The 3 of Cups is bringing a reunion and much hilarity.

Mates inspire you and you might even start a joint venture. 

Important feminine energy/feminist comrades/femme fatales/warrior queens will feature and help support you, make you laugh, and cheer you on. Which friends would you choose to be stranded on a desert island with? Hang out with them!

9 of swordsTarot Card Three – 9 of Swords 

You have had a tough time. You may be experiencing sleepless nights or feel plagued with worry. You are likely pulling together all your fears and worries, which makes them seem 9 times worse! Take any issues you are having and deal with them one at a time. When I learned to do this is changed my life. Get support if you need it, reach out and talk, you are not alone. This time will pass. Take back your power if you have given it away. Love should not hurt—liberation beckons.

the sunTarot Card Four – The Sun

Woo Hoo! We have all been through turbulence, battles and soul struggles but the Sun tells you that joy is possible and on the way. We can learn as much from pleasure as we can from the struggle. Happiness beckons.

The Sun warms you and shares the enlightenment that allowing yourself to be happy recharges you and in turn, should you wish, gives you more energy to support and help others. You find out what makes your soul soar and make this a solid part of your journey. You’re gleaming, you got the power, go for it!

It’s time to create, play, have fun. Whatever challenges you are going through, laughter and warmth win through. What makes you happy? What small or even huge thing can you do for yourself today that will make your heart sing? Do it!


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