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New – Full Moon Tarot Reading

Like the rest of the Cosmos, I love the ‘Wild Unknown Tarot’, not only for its beauty but also because the symbolism gives us an opportunity to flow with our intuition. The Unknown is the perfect deck for a Full Moon reading. Take a deep breath and choose one of the three cards. Before you read my message, tune into the card and see what psychic information comes to you.

Sending so much love

Michele x

Tarot Card One – Mother of Wands

Hello, regenerator! We see a snake curled around her eggs with a branch in the middle. She speaks of rebirth and regeneration. The snake Mother is a creative force, and you are a creative force. What eggs have you laid? What skin are you shedding? Who or what are you fiercely protecting? The time has come!

All the energy you’ve put into a project or relationship is about to pay off. You can let go of what you no longer need, or that doesn’t nurture your soul, and your eggs are hatching. There ain’t no stopping you now! The Mother of Wands in a traditional deck is the Queen of Wands, and she’s fire, she’s fearless, passionate and brave. Keep protecting what you love but with confidence. Snakes are also the symbol of Kundalini energy so expect your sensual energy rise. It’s time to unleash your power!

Tarot Card Two – Mother of Cups

Get your swan on! Perhaps you thought you were the ugly duckling? Or that your life lacked value? Maybe you’ve spent your time looking after others? The Mother of Cups in a traditional Tarot deck would be the Queen of Cups, and she’s unconditional love, she’s emotional, healing, sometimes weak, sometimes lost. The Queen of Cups is a giver and has great empathy. However, she isn’t one for ego or putting herself out there. What I love about this card is that it takes the Queen, and symbolically takes her to a whole fresh level.

It’s time to know you are the SWAN! Your value, beauty, and worth have always been there, and now you can appreciate it and see it! You are incredibly intuitive, use your magic on YOU today. What wisdom can you set free? What can you conjure for your own well being? There are 11 dazzling stars above the Swan, as she waves her wing over the magic cup. 11 is a master number and the number of manifestation. Your energy is a magnet today so believe you are worth it and draw to you what you desire.

Tarot Card Three – The Emperor

What a gorgeous card this is! An exciting, wholesome and radically different depiction of the Emperor. Here is a tree standing tall. We can’t see the roots of the tree, but they are mighty. The Sun is glowing in the background (traditionally a masculine symbol) and there appears to be an eclipse. The whole card has a sense of peace and security.

The Emperor gets a bad rap in traditional Tarot as he can be controlling, and patriarchal. He’s a stickler for the rules and is stern, and often he is a man in a position of power.

The unknown Emperor is an evergreen, constant,  he never changes and he’s able to bear all the elements. Nothing can shake this tree, nothing can knock you over. The Full Moon is honouring your strength. You have come through many terrible experiences, and it is now time to lay your boundaries. Being strong does not mean being oppressive. You can lay down your limits and expectations and have the gumption to stick to them. It’s time to create order and structure and hold onto your principles.

Here is the website for the Wild Unknown Tarot x 

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