Roll Up, Roll Up! Michele’s Tarot Love Generator

I saw a really cool post on where a clever chap filmed all the Tarot on a vine loop and then, when you click stop, it randomly lands on a card. Pure genius!

I loved it so much I thought I would create one just for you, and while I am at it, get some of my psychics to create mini readers too. It’s hopefully a fun and inspiring taste of Tarot for you and also to get to know the voice of some of our psychics.

Just play the video, close your eyes and then click pause (or keep them open and press pause depending on which browser you are using!)  by clicking the middle of the screen, then scroll below to see what your card means (for some cards it may be quite a bit of scrolling so I need to think of a way to resolve this!).

Pay particular attention if you get a Major Arcana card as these tend to indicate something big is going on. Also I see the court cards as gender fluid so don’t get caught up in the apparent gender of the card. Good luck and let me know if this experiment worked by commenting below or sharing with your pals.

Major Arcana

The Fool – When it comes to love, this is an incredibly powerful time for you. Take a leap of faith and throw yourself into love. Be spontaneous and trust that when it comes to love ‘what’s for you will not pass you by’. In a relationship, do something wild and different together, and if you’re single, don’t be frightened to be impulsive. It is time to truly throw yourself in.

The Magician – You are at the beginning of a brand new cycle. You have all the tools you need to create your destiny in love. The message of this card is ‘as above so below’, so make sure you love yourself and know you are worthy of love. Ask the Universe to send the right love for you. If you’re in a relationship, this symbolises a brand new start. You have the power!

The High Priestess – What does your intuition tell you about your love life? Be honest, you KNOW what is going on and where you’re at. You are a wise soul with an endless depth of knowledge, and now is the time to take advantage of those gifts. Use your psychic intuition to navigate love’s waters. Where is that huge, neon, psychic sign pointing? You have all the answers if you listen.

The Empress – Your love mojo is grounded and pulsating. The Empress is the Goddess of love and all things womanly and strong. If you are attracted to women, then the Empress may appear and entice you with her Goddess wiles. If you are a woman, you are reaching a peak of womanly wonder. Have confidence, the Empress believes in you.

The Emperor – Is there a controlling dude around you? Or whatever your gender, can you be a control freak? The Emperor is not comfortable surrendering to love and needs to learn that vulnerability is strength. It can indicate an older powerful lover, but you need to be The Empress to balance the dynamic.

The Hierophant – Security and learning are key words to this card. Relationships are one of the main lessons for the evolution of our soul. You may meet someone connected to learning, i.e, if you are studying, or, it could be that you will meet or have a partner where security and personal growth is important. This love has structure.

The Lovers – Love is in the air, falling in love, being love. Connecting to someone on a soul level. If you’re in a relationship, you should get an ‘in love’ peak experience. If you’re looking for love, someone very special is on the way. On top of that, this card awakens a feeling of unconditional love for ourselves and others.

The Chariot – Get ready for a wild ride! Things are going to start moving very quickly and could almost feel out of your control but this, Grasshopper, is an illusion! You are the captain of your own ship. Don’t give your power away but enjoy the adventure.

Strength – Whatever your love situation, you are more powerful than you could possibly know. It is time to come to a position of strength by loving and valuing yourself. Also knowing that ‘He who shouts loudest’ is definitely not the strongest in your current love situation. Understanding your strength is the key to your love life.

The Hermit – It’s time to go within and reflect on your inner wisdom. Sometimes if we ignore our inner voice and intuition, we can feel lonely. If you are feeling lonely, it is time to value and love yourself. When you take time out to nurture and listen to your own heart, the answer will be illuminated.

The Wheel of Fortune – I am not a fatalistic psychic and believe we all have the power to shape our destiny and create our reality. However some things in life could be considered ‘fated’, like certain meetings and connections along our life path, or the way love can hit you out of the blue through strange synchronicities etc. The Wheel of Fortune says fate is in the air, so prick up your ears for important messages and meetings. Love is coming or going but, it is as it should be…

Justice – Traditionally this has always been seen as the Divorce card. It’s all about legal stuff but can also be about justice in general. If you feel there has been an injustice in love, know that the Universe will take care of it. The good news is that you will get what you deserve!

The Hanged man – Yikes, the limbo card! Most of us whizzing about in a 21st century frenzy hate the calm and sedated Hanged Man. Your love life is in limbo, but this is nothing to worry about. The Hanged man is very powerful. Don’t fight the limbo, but do things you enjoy in the meantime. Don’t try to force anything. Wonders and magic are being created as you wait just as surely as Spring follows winter.

Death – Don’t panic or delete :) Death does not mean a literal death, nor does it have to mean a literal, physical ending. Death is an ending of a cycle. If you have been single for a while, this could be good news! It can sometimes mean the ending of a relationship, but equally, it can mean the ending of a cycle within a relationship.

Temperance – It’s time to bring some balance to your love life. Have you got the right work/life ratio going on? Do you drink too much or do anything self destructive, especially around love or sex? To answer your love question, it’s essential to bring some balance into your life. Someone is coming in who is a good balance to you, and you can help each other grow.

The Devil – The sex, drugs and rock n’ roll card! All sorts of temptations are surrounding you. An affair, obsession or sexual addiction. Is there unrequited love or an overwhelming desire? We make the choice, and the only judge we need fear is ourselves and our own moral code. No one else can judge you, but are you giving your power away and living in the shadow? If you look at the card, they only have to lift the chain to escape. Being a prisoner to the Devil is an illusion.

The Tower – This is a very significant card and some people think it is one of the Tarot ‘bad boys’. But before you freak out, I suggest you read my full article on The Tower here. The Tower is bringing sudden change that can often feel like an upheaval. Sometimes it is only dramatic events that release us from situations that no longer serve us. After The Tower comes great healing and inspiration.

The Star – Inspiration, healing and sweet, sweet love. The path ahead is clear and the drama is over. You may have gone through a tricky time but finally you are out the other side. Follow your inspiration and believe in yourself. When you do this, you send a calling signal to the Universe, and the love that comes values you as you value you. Something fabulous this way comes.

The Moon – Your unconscious is on fire, listen to your psychic intuition. Pay careful attention, especially around the Full and New Moon for a sense of what is true when it comes to your love life. Sometimes this card reveals someone working against you or not being honest, but your intuition is strong enough to know who it is. It also awakens your desire for something deeper.

The Sun – One of my favourite cards and an excellent love card. Joy is on the way to you. Playfulness, happiness and a deep sense of trust, not only in love but in your soul path. The pleasure that comes with this card is usually solid and you will soon know who or what really makes your soul soar.

Judgment – It’s crunch time with no hiding. It might look like the front cover of a Walking Dead DVD but actually, this is a joyous card. A decision has to be made about your love life but your soul knows which path to go down. If not, you will any minute now! Finally you are ready to take action, deal with your stuff and move forward, free of past love burdens.

The World – Otherwise known as the best card in the pack! The world is at your feet and love should become easy and give you a sense of completion. Of course, the world is always turning, so we can’t rest on our laurels. But right now all should be well in your world and love should become something to celebrate. Of course, love can mean many things, and this card urges you to walk in love in all ways, not just passion and romance. Either a current relationship becomes what your want it to become, or new love pops up and it really is covered in roses!


The King of Pentacles – A strong Earth sign (traditionally male) Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. Powerful, stubborn, successful, down to earth but can be a bit pig headed.

The Queen of Pentacles – Strong, generous Earth Sign (traditionally female) or Earth mother qualities. Clever, good at business can also be pig headed :)

Knight of Pentacles – Strong, stubborn, materialistic, good with their hands, earthy. When they commit they commit.

Page of Pentacles – Earth sign or earth young (in mind or body) person. Excited about life, ambitious, thoughtful. Committed but may procrastinate.

10 Pentacles – You are being protected and someone is watching over you. Trust in your beautiful spirit and avoid anyone who is too cynical. Trust in love and ask the Universe to protect and nurture your experience.

9 Pentacles – Sensual, abundant and down to Earth you are about to reap a love harvest! You are coming into your power and enjoying or about to enjoy being a sensual being.

8 Pentacles – You’re working hard to make things work in love and through your work on yourself things move forward. If you are single, perhaps there is someone who admires you at work. Don’t forget that all work and no play can have a negative impact on relationships so take time out to pour into love.

7 Pentacles – Even if your love life is tip top, you might be feeling a bit bored. Beware of just wanting a conquest for the sake of it as that would soon get boring too! Are you or a love interest being detached or stubborn? Perhaps it’s time to appreciate what you’ve got or make a decision to move on? You have the power to create something wonderful.

6 Pentacles – Love takes the form of a generous figure who loves spoiling you but beware there isn’t an energy imbalance. Generosity takes many forms and it’s important to have equality in a relationship. A generous lover who is happy to share.

5 Pentacles – You’ve been through the wars emotionally and may be feeling a bit lost and vulnerable. Don’t worry, healing and shelter are at hand and the hard times are hopefully on the way out. Don’t get stuck in a victim mentality, you are strong and have a world of potential ahead.

4 Pentacles – You may feel as if someone is being tight fisted when it comes to love. Either you or someone else is withholding the love vibe or giving in to the fear of moving forward. Happiness cannot happen if we cling too tightly to things. It’s time to let go and fly. If a lover is always withholding seek couple therapy or consider moving on. If you are single are you letting past fears of rejection hold you back?

3 Pentacles – Success! It’s time to lay some firm foundations. You’re at the beginning of a love cycle which has the potential for solid growth. What you plant in the land of love grows strong and any commitments you make are hopefully being built on solid ground.

2 Pentacles – On the one hand, you may feel that you are juggling your affairs (for some of you in more ways than one!). On the other hand, you realise that you can do it and you have the skill to make love work for you. There may be an overseas connection which tugs at the heart strings.

Ace of Pentacles – Happy days! A secure, abundant and wonderful time is heading your way. The worries are passing and you should truly feel you have turned a corner. If you are single, look out for a lover who is strong, capable and possibly very successful.

King of Wands – An energetic and enthusiastic soul who loves an adventure. Charismatic and fiery. This King likes action and doesn’t mess about. Passionate with an all encompassing belief.

Queen of Wands – This Queen is equal to all and s/he knows it! Adventurous and powerful s/he does not bow down to anyone and puts her passion into action. Is it time to put your passion into action?

Knight of Wands – Fire, fire, fire! This soul only does full on. At best passionate, eager and very warm. At worst has a problem with road rage etc and being disagreed with.

Page of Wands – Curious, adventurous and loveably naive, this Page may be young but has a world of openness. Idealistic and exciting, usually a pleasure to be around.


Ace of Wands – Oh yes, passion in action! The Ace of Wands is one of the most sensual cards in the deck. Desire fulfilled, full on love action, and if you are asking about a love affair it should be go, go, go! Sometimes this card is seen as the fertility card. Great carnal chemistry and delights await!

2 Wands – ‘Curiouser and curiouser!’ cried Alice! There may be an offer of love which you can’t see or decide upon. There could also be someone you quite fancy but don’t feel is a long term prospect? This card tells you that there is more here than meets the eye, so don’t be afraid to try something or someone who is a little bit different.

3 Wands – You may feel that real love is in the past, yearning for an ex to return or perhaps thinking about the beginning of a relationship rather than working on the present. It’s time to turn around and embrace your future. Great things await.

4 Wands – You might be thinking about moving in with someone, moving home, or having a date at home or in the home of your love interest. This could be the start of something solid, or a rejoicing at moving to the next level. If you’re invited to a housewarming or house party, it might be a good idea to say yes!

5 Wands – There appears to be a bit of banter going on but make sure you aren’t making mischief just to get a paramours attention! It’s fun to tussle with a love interest but make sure you aren’t hurting their feelings, and if a flirt is going too far with the jibes, gently tell them so.

6 Wands – Yeah baby! Victory is afoot! You have the chance to conquer in love, but do it gently and with good grace. This is your time to ride high and feel as if you have achieved your desire. Love should be a a long dip in a warm ocean this week.

7 Wands – Under pressure from all sides, you might feel as if you are not being heard. You also seem overwhelmed but you still have a good chance of victory. Don’t let other people interfere with your relationships or friendships or let anyone try to force you to think like them. You are a beautiful free spirit and true love is two free souls choosing to be together while respecting each others freedom and differences.

8 Wands – Waite called these the ‘arrows of love’ which gives us a clue to the fabulousness of this card. Love energy is going to start hurtling forward and it might just catch you by surprise. It might feel like a bronco ride with nothing but a shoelace for reins, but it will certainly be fun.

9 Wands – Are you or a love interest being defensive? Being defensive is a natural response, especially to criticism, but in love it serves no purpose but to alienate the two love birds. In this card we see someone who has won the battle but maybe lost the war, as they are so effected by the experience. Try not to see things as an attack. Be a warrior of love and break the pattern and communicate from a different angle. Not all love experiences will be the same and it’s time to feel safe or make yourself safe again.

10 Wands – Can’t see the wood for the trees? Your love life (or lack of it) may feel like a heavy burden, however if you really check this card out you can see there is an easier way of carrying those pile of wands! If you are experiencing problems, seek a listening ear or find a life coach or therapist to help you see the other options.


King of Swords – An intellectual, powerful soul with a razor wit. Possibly an air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) can be emotionally detached, so it’s important you can handle that as it’s probably not personal and just who they are. Seductive but may have a hint of Grey about them…

Queen of Swords – Don’t mess with this Queen or she will slay you with her steely stare. She has a brilliant mind and does not like foolishness. Successful and powerful, she might find it hard to express her emotions. Possibly an air sign (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra).

Knight of Swords – Fearless, clever but sometimes reckless, this Knight is never afraid of a challenge. This soul can be quick to anger and loves an intellectual tussle. He hates to feel stupid and can act a bit intellectually superior which could be annoying. However equally if they are in touch with their heart chakra they will fight just as hard for you.

Page of Swords – Someone young or young at heart who is very passionate about the truth, the thing is most truth is relative and coloured by emotions and life experience. The page has not learned all there is about emotional intelligence and empathy but cares passionately none the less. They can be angry (or indicate an angry young child impacting a relationship) but they if they love you, they believe in you wholeheartedly.

Ace of Swords – This is a big moment of truth. Whatever the truth is, it shall be revealed, and this truth should in some way give you your power back. This card gives you the strength to think things through and to implement a plan and also to say your piece and be heard. It can also indicate a lump sum of money coming in.

2 of Swords – A decision has to be made but perhaps you are in two minds about it? How do you feel your love life can improve? You may be blindfolded at the moment but you really do have the power to rip that blindfold off and see what you need to see. The next step is to act.

3 Swords – There has been an emotional wound in the past that is so deep and perhaps went on for so long that you are used to it. You are a true warrior of love and have allowed yourself to feel deeply and open up to your vulnerability. Don’t give up now! It’s time to heal the wound and free your heart. Open up to love again and most importantly love your precious self.

4 Swords – You may be giving a loss of some kind and your love mojo is gently resting and putting itself back together. Be gentle with yourself and know that at the moment you are gathering yourself for the next adventure. Listen to your heart and your emotions and take care of yourself.

5 Swords – This is a tough time for you where you may be feeling that someone has acted unfairly or responded way out of proportion to a situation. Don’t worry, they have probably alienated themselves with their actions. If you are at all tempted by revenge, please do not go down that road. You know the old saying ‘if you’re out for revenge, dig two graves’. This energy passes quickly and before you can say ‘hey presto’ you are surrounded by a different soul group as long as you keep your own souls integrity.

6 Swords – It’s a time of emotional passage for you. Congratulations you have started the healing journey. Leaving something behind and letting things go is a tough decision (literally, emotionally or spiritually) but also liberating and soul enhancing. A new cycle is beginning.

7 Swords – The trickster. Does your intuition tell you someone is not being honest with you? A fib, lie or trick is revealed. I can hear you say ‘Michele! Why have I scrolled all the way down here for this bit of news?’ However, trust me, whenever I have got this card it has always given me a gift as it reveals someone has not got the right intentions. I would much rather know so I can release them and keep my energy for my real soul friends and lovers! Celebrate as the truth comes out.

8 Swords – Do you feel trapped in an emotional situation or even disempowered in the love department? Please look at this card and rejoice! As you can see the person in this card feels imprisoned, but can actually whip off those ties and blindfold and walk out of that gap. Old thinking or old feelings may keep you trapped, but now is the time to leave your emotional cage and let your soul see opportunity, freedom and the bigger picture.

9 Swords – Something is messing with your love mojo leaving you worried and possibly having fitful or sleepless nights. Perhaps you are feeling down or suffering from over thinking? Give yourself a break, stop blaming yourself and give yourself a good dose of self love. You are a beautiful soul and even if times have been hard, the wheel will turn and love will eventually rule the day.

10 Swords – As I point out in my Talking Tarot App, the 10 of swords shows someone who feels so betrayed they feel not only stabbed in the back, but also the ear! Perhaps you feel extremely let down or betrayed, but I promise you this feeling will pass and you will heal. If nothing has happened recently perhaps it is time to heal the past and let go of your fears regarding love? Trust your soul to make the right decisions in love and always listen to your gut feeling.


King of Cups – Usually this King is emotionally intelligent, in touch with his emotions, warm, creative and nurturing. If this King is not in touch with all of their gifts they can be emotionally weak or manipulative; but they can make you feel damn good! Often a water sign or lot’s of water in the chart (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces).

Queen of Cups – This Queen is loving, emotionally flowing and usually very warm. She can be clingy or even manipulative if she has not stepped into her regal power. Sensitive, empathetic and quite psychic as well.

Knight of Cups This one can charm the birds out of the trees. Someone is intent on bringing you a gift or a compliment and possibly true love. Mainly the Knight of cups have a good vibe and can tune in emotionally. Sometimes the Knight is just a little bit too charming. Not that I ever listened to my mother but she did always say ‘never trust a real charmer’. Make sure the charm has a heart and all will be well. One thing is for sure they are probably on their best behaviour!

Page of Cups  A beautiful pure soul who shines with softness. This can be a child or a person with a heart of gold but not any practical skills. This darling page see’s the world from the best point of view, everything is full of love and goodness. It can be difficult to love someone like this as it is easy to get over protective. This soul has a lot of learning to do but it will be a beautiful journey.

Ace of Cups – I love this card and lucky you for getting it! The Ace of Cups symbolises a peak emotional experience. Your cup runs or will run over with joy, pleasure, love and abundance. Emotions are flowing, blissed out on spiritual and soul connections and generally feeling things on the deepest level.

2 Cups – Hooray! The soulmate cards! Of course soulmates can mean many different things but this card is one of the best cards you can get when asking about love. Two people on the same vibrational level, loving, supporting and understanding. You have met or are about to meet your soul match.

3 Cups – Friendships, celebrations and experiencing happiness. This cards shows three women friends having a jolly good time. Hopefully some good love news has you out with your pals cheering your good fortune in love? Friends are so important, so keep in touch with the ones that mean something special to you.

4 Cups – In the house of love you appear to have forgotten you may have other options! The person in this card is staring intently at the 3 cups in front but not realising there is another tantalising cup wafting to one side. Could there be another love possibility that you are not seeing? Is there a situation to be resolved in your love life but you’re stuck thinking of only 3 solutions, or should I say, soulutions? Look for another answer, it might be right in front of you!

5 Cups – I love this card, although it looks like all is lost and indeed you may feel as if something catastrophic or emotional has happened, this card tells you to stop ‘crying over the spilled milk’ and turn around to find real treasure. All is defiantly not lost and things are probably not as bad as you think. There is emotional happiness right around the corner.

6 Cups – This is a very special card and it makes me squeal with delight (almost!) when it comes up in my cards. it’s especially good if you are single as it means that you will meet someone who you have a very strong past life connection with. You are hopefully about to meet someone who you feel as if you have known all your life. It could be someone you already know, who just gets you and makes you feel open, soft and gushing!

7 Cups – Victor Hugo, the great romantic french poet once said “The soul has illusions as the bird has wings: it is supported by them”, and this card illustrates that. It’s so important to have dreams and especially to let our soul soar in love, BUT, make sure that what you think you feel or what you are chasing is real and not just some damn old windmill. Choose the right love.

8 Cups – This is another favourite card of mine. You are about to embark on a quest to find what is missing in your love life. It doesn’t mean anything negative at all, indeed this person is walking away from a stack of cups (or love) in order to find something important. This powerful card talks to our soul and sings ‘be true to yourself’ and ‘go for it’

9 Cups – Hooray! You pulled the wish card! This is a brilliant and dashing card to pull. It usually means your wish will be granted. Something you desire is coming, a love hurdle is overcome, your wish is fulfilled. The only thing I will say is of course ‘be careful what you wish for’! Enjoy!

10 Cups – Happy days, love rules the hour. Celebrations, joy and feeling totally connected to a lover or partner. You might be about to take the next step in love. A wonderful time is had by all as you are uplifted by being around those you love; not just partners, but those souls you consider your soul group. A deep sense of contentment is coming your way.

3 thoughts on “Roll Up, Roll Up! Michele’s Tarot Love Generator

  1. This actually too much! I asked about a certain person (very new in my life) and I got 2 of cups and 10 of Cups again!!!

  2. I had so much fun with this! It was spot on with all my questions. I also specifically, if I ever would fall in love again, and I got 2 of cups! Then I asked if I would ever get married and it gave me 10 of Cups!

  3. got the 3 of swords and true I have been hurt most my life that I can remember and find it hard to let anyone in now but I would like to just hard to trust that they are being honest

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