Your Free Three Card Tarot Reading – Message from your higher power

Your Free Three Card Tarot Reading – Message from your higher power

Amethyst truly rocks. This regal stone has been treasured since the dawn of time and is associated with mystics and royalty from Egypt to China. Apparently, it is our UK Queens’ fav stone too, so perhaps she has a streak of the High Priestess in her?

Amethyst name came from the Greek word amethystos which means intoxication, and was used to prevent drunkenness! (not sure that has ever worked for me!) And medieval Europeans used it as an amulet to protect them in battle. If you want to up your psychic ante, then this is the stone for you.

Fluorite is my all-time fav crystal, and this wonderful stone is said to take us to different spiritual dimensions and give us a higher perspective. It’s a super visionary stone that connects us to the future.

Today’s reading tunes us to our higher self. The voice of our very own soul google has all the answers we need. Take a minute to relax and gaze at the cards, is there a message for you behind one of them?

Which card are you drawn to? Does one of the three Tarot cards say ‘pick me!’. Scroll down for your answer

Your Free Three Card Tarot Reading – Message from your higher power

Tarot Card One – Judgment

Have you been judging yourself or another or do you feel judged? Judgment often comes from a place of fear or a desire to be in control. It’s time to let yourself off the hook, to choose a fresh path. Freedom is beckoning, and a road to liberation is in front of you.

If you can express all of your being if you can be all that you are if you can dazzle the Cosmos with your unique soul, what is holding you back? The time has come to walk your talk, dance towards your destiny, and plunge into who you truly are.

Don’t judge yourself about the past, be your best self from this moment. In the Wild Unknown Kim Krans says ‘Expand your wings and be reborn. What a relief it will be’ Flap those wings sister, it’s time to fly!

Tarot Card Two – The Hermit

The Hermit whispers that you are your guru. Trust your inner voice and stop fighting the alone time. You have a world of riches within you. Have you been so rushed off your feet that you haven’t had time to pay attention to your inner voice? Have you been feeling isolated and alone or unsupported? Make friends with your Hermit within and listen to what she has to say. You have the answers you need. You might be avoiding the truth, but the truth will set you free.

Take some time out just for you. Indulge your spiritual senses. Meditate, walk in nature, and listen to your favourite music. If you have an Amethyst, hold it in your left hand and feel the purple rays travel around your being, clearing blocks. Place the crystal in the middle of your forehead and ask for an answer to your dilemma. Ditto with fluorite.

Light your inner lamp, and you can’t go wrong.

Tarot Card Three – The Sun

Woo Hoo! We have all been through turmoil, battles and soul struggles but the Sun tells you that joy is possible and on the way. We can learn as much from pleasure as we can from the struggle—happiness beckons.

The Sun warms you and shares the wisdom that allowing yourself to be happy recharges you and, in turn, should you wish, gives you more energy to support and help others. You are finding out what makes your soul soar and making this a solid part of your journey. You’re glowing, and you got the power, go for it!

It’s time to create, play, and have fun. Whatever challenges you are going through, laughter and warmth win through. What makes you happy? What small or even huge thing can you do for yourself today that will make your heart sing? Do it!

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