Jonathan’s Free 3 Card Jupiter Tarot Reading

“Look, if you had one shot, one opportunity, one moment to seize everything you ever wanted would you capture it?.” Eminem – Lose yourself.

With Jupiter changing signs this week into the mystique realms of Scorpio I thought I would do a three card reading. Jupiter is all about expansion, opportunities, moving forward and ultimately gaining. Like everything in astrology (and life) it’s how we use it and seize the possibilities for the better.

Love Jonathon x


Choose the card that you are drawn too and see the message it has for your Jupiter fuelled next phase.

The Wheel Of Fortune is all about life, and in general, it represents the ups and downs, the good times and the bad times. The Wheel of Fortune reminds us that nothing stays the same forever. When you are going through a difficult time, it’s crucial to take meaning from it while knowing these times and energy will shift. I believe everything in life is a valid experience and what you understand and take from it and how you use it is what counts.

This card is somewhat ironic ( in an Alanis Morrisette way haha!) as Jupiter is all about the circle of life. You are about to leap forward while taking valuable lessons from the past.

It’s important to anticipate the next phase and be optimistic about “what’s next” but don’t disregard the “what was” because it is just as useful and important to you.

The Wheel of fortune is also about balancing and compartmentalising your life as much as possible. Take time for yourself to reflect, plan and recharge before emerging, experiencing and indulging!


Justice Tarot Card is a great card it represents a positive outcome, but it also means so much more. Justice is recognition from the Universe for the hard work and positive intentions you have put out there. Whether it’s career, relationships or what you are passionate about spirit is watching.

Mostly, this is a victory card, and it implies going forward! Use the triumph to further yourself and also further other people. When we utilise and channel our experiences and outcomes (positive or negative) in a proactive way, to also benefit other people, that is creative. To inspire the collective is very rewarding on a karmic level. Jupiter is all about weaving the creative into the collective, and embracing individuality and experiences to expand ourself and others along the way.

Justice also represents having faith in yourself and the process because authenticity will always bring abundance.


The Fool Tarot card is all about taking a “leap of faith” it’s such an inspiring card because it’s the motivational coach of the tarot. The fool is like “DO IT! DO IT!” and it’s saying have confidence in yourself and make that leap into the new and into your passion.

Obviously, we have to take calculated risks depending on the circumstances. It’s not reckless; it’s about being optimistic and trusting yourself. Taking a leap of faith isn’t actually always “foolish” because to take a leap of faith requires inner strength and also confidence of character. Being maverick and going rogue are revolutionary mindsets and in line with eccentric Jupiters energy.

The fool also represents your childlike optimism. Our inner child and authentic self can get lost sometimes. If you can tap into that side of yourself, and channel that energy, it will bring you the reward. When we put energy into what or who we are passionate about this leads to progression, just don’t lose sight of yourself when being in the moment.

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