Your Free Tarot Reading – What does the immediate future hold?

Your Free Tarot Reading – What does the immediate future hold?

Firstly, focus on the three Tarot Cards and feel if there is a psychic message for you behind one. Are you drawn to one of the tarot cards? Which card stands out to you? Scroll down for your answer and click the video to hear me explain the card.

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Tarot Card One – The Devil

A temptation is on the way. Perhaps there is a flirtation, obsession or love triangle that has to be kept a secret? Perhaps you are overindulging or in the grips of a habit you can’t break. The Devil card tells you that you are not as chained as you think, you can release yourself should you choose to. There is nothing wrong with a bit of naughtiness or wild shenanigans BUT if you are doing something against YOUR OWN moral code or are imprisoned by your desires it is time to free yourself.

Tarot Card Two – Daughter of Cups

You’re finding your flow and embracing your own psychic ability and power. You are no longer letting the past control your emotions, you are a creative force with inspired ideas. Once we remove the boundaries around our heart we get in touch with our true nature. Happiness is seeping in and you can see the world with fresh eyes. A fabulous project can capture your imagination. Surround yourself with open-hearted loving friends who appreciate you and can talk to you on the same level. You are awakening!

Tarot Card Three – The Ace of Swords

Yay! Who doesn’t want an ace? You are cutting through the crap and getting to the heart of the matter. It may be that you have to cut certain people out of your life in order to receive. You are on the way to achieve great abundance and you are more determined than ever to get the job done. Nothing can stop you now.

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  1. Eerie! Pretty much dead on – I find it amazing how accurate this as well as my horoscope card readings are. Not a 100 % every time necessarily but without fail something resonates

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