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The Hedgerow Foragers Oracle ~ By Violet

In keeping with my love of exploring the countryside I can be found in my village, with a camera taking photos, in, under, and around the hedges, in all weathers. Just after rainfall is my favourite time to go out and catch those snaps of my neighbour’s wild roses. With crystal ball like droplets still fresh and perfectly formed on their petals and leaves.

Some plants are not always obvious, for some like to hide. But take your time when you are out walking, and have a sneaky peek by your feet.
You won’t be surprised to read that they too, along with herbs, have beautiful qualities, are sensational via the nose, eyes, hands and stomach.

There are plenty of easily affordable books that you can pop in your pocket when you go out. Or take a friend who is an expert scrambler of the countryside.

Just hold your gaze of the following pictures. Don’t over think this, just relax, and ask what message the hedgerow plants and flowers have for you. Then read their meaning.

(*take care when foraging for edible plants. Some are highly toxic to humans and animals if touched, ingested or digested. There are plenty of easily affordable books that you can pop in your pocket when you go out, or take a friend who is an expert scrambler of the countryside)

The Bluebell
Long-lasting love and fidelity

‘I would spread the cloths under your feet: But I, being poor, have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.’
By WB Yeats. (quote).

If you find a bluebell, under a hedgerow, the chances are it was a site of a very old woodland and is a very old hedge. You should therefore consider looking at the other plants you find there, for there is much history and wisdom to be found here.

When I think on Tinkerbelle, the bluebell springs to mind as it is the fairies bell. A plot of bluebells should be walked through carefully and respectfully. Maybe take a path around it. It is said to be unlucky to disturb these flowers. It is also one flower that doesn’t like to picked and taken into a home. Its magic is lost in its picking, and can be considered unlucky in tales of yore.

But stress not about folklore if you have picked these flowers before, for these are what superstitions come from.

The Flower of Truth

I love its Latin name Endymion, who was Selene the moon Goddesses lover. Wanting to keep him and his gorgeousness all to herself she cast a spell on him making him sleep for eternity.

The Bluebell is also the flower of truth, and those wearing it cannot lie. Another lovely tale says that by turning out a bluebell inside out, without harming it, you will find your true love.

Choosing this flower indicates on one level that there is already a sense of enchantment and natural harmony around you or it is soon to come in.
You are in the best place for you. If you were to trample through this or disturb this current happy place, you could upset the balance. Look up again at the quote from W. B. Yeats.

It signifies a strong love connection. A long, honest and faithful one. Are you already happily with someone? Enjoy yourself, and go with the flow. Don’t look for problems where there are none. If you are single, you could be about to enter a bluebell wood, and now find such a love.

The Flower of Modesty, or hiding your light under a bushel.

If you are being drawn to this flower you are being told that either as an individual or at this time in your life, there is some aspect of yourself; a talent or strength that you are hiding from the world. It is a sign that you’ve been noticed or picked by someone special who may be able to help you at this time.

The leaves of the violet form a shade of shelter over it, so that it has to peek its way out from underneath it to be seen, or be found. Therefore, most people, may initially overlook this bloom. But this suits the violet most of the time.

In human terms it could be said that whilst the violet is a very pretty flower when actually noticed, its colours appearing bold and bright, there is a shy and introspective side. Violet times in your life, or personalities will have a close circle of loyal friends, and steer away from superficial but plentiful connections.

Finding new confidence

There is an association with a love of music here and the tendency to want to be part of it, and especially enjoying singing even if you feel you can’t. Relating strongly to the throat chakra. Use this vocal time to hum away or sing away any negative energy in that area. It is also a good time to have conversations with people, as your gentle energy will be heard, giving way to be noticed as a result and finding a new confidence.

Blossoming during the months of May and June, this indicates that you are at the spring or early stages of an episode in your life, and this productive phase could last for up to 12 weeks so enjoy this boost and make the right choices for they are the foundation blooms of something special.

If relating to love and romance, it indicates a time of a new romance. One that is true and loyal with potential. And for long term romances, expect to take a trip down memory lane where you’ll be reminded of the early days. Go out on date night, for example. A second honeymoon, but make time to recapture those early heady days

Protection, Financial prosperity, faithful union, healing.

It was believed that if honeysuckle grew around the entrance to the home and in the garden, it acted as a protection against bad or evil spirits. Bringing the flowers into the house will bring money with them. Honeysuckle represents faithful love connections, or true love. It’s tenacious clinging habit implying an ability to hold on within relationships, in good times and more difficult times. So, if its blooms were brought into a home, a wedding may happen within a year.

On the flip side of this in the Victorian era, they did not allow young girls to wear the blooms. It was felt they became dreamy and distracted. If this is honestly the case with you, and, for example, you looking at romance with the eyes of a young person, you may have to be realistic. Seek a more grounded and requited connection.

In linking with it’s medicinal uses of which there are many, it can be linked to the chakras. This is a good time make some ‘you-time’, and do a chakra rebalancing exercise to restore communications, heal heartaches, bring peace and understanding in relationships and enjoy the more passionate side of your nature on a balanced level, dealing with a lack of or excess.

Please note that honeysuckle berries are highly toxic, when digested or ingested.

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