Your Full Moon Free Tarot Reading – With Michele Knight

Your Full Moon Reading Tarot Reading

The Full Moon is upon us. Does she have a message for you? Let the Moon light the darkness and reveal an answer. Focus on the three Tarot cards and see if you feel drawn to one. Scroll down for your answer.

The Chariot

Is it time to shake your mane and gallop towards freedom? Where are you heading? Are you in a fenced field or trotting wildly in any direction you please? The Chariot reminds us how important our focus is, that we are free to make more choices than we are aware of. When we make decisions we empower ourselves to transform.

Have you tamed your spirit or forgotten what it is to be confident? The Chariot wild unknown Tarot card whispers that your free will is awakening.

You got this, you have a new lease of life, a peak experience and opportunity to ride towards your dreams. Believe in yourself. The crescent Moon on the horse’s third eye reminds you to use your intuition and the pentacle around her neck that the practical joined with the magical will create wonders. Be confident, this is your time.

The Eight of Swords

Have you been feeling a victim of circumstances? Has there been pressure from outside sources or have you had a feeling of being attacked in some way? While there may have been external pressure, inside the cocoon you have built, your soul is getting ready to soar.

Traditionally this card tells us that feeling trapped is a bit of an illusion. Whatever has placed you in limbo need not have power over you now. Think outside the box, get ready to unleash your inner butterfly and dance away from the pressures that have been blocking you. It is time to see your situation with fresh eyes and to make a different choice. It is time to be true to yourself and see the beauty in your magnificent soul.

Two of Swords

In the Wild Unknown Tarot, Kim Krans tells us that this card indicates stalemate and that there is an inability to make a choice. Traditionally the 2 of swords is about making a decision. Is there a tough decision that you have to make? Are you avoiding making your mind up?

The Full Moon is all about freedom and expansion. Full Moons are always about peak emotional experiences, and she shines a light in the shadows. You can’t avoid choosing. The time has come to stick to your guns, to awaken your warrior within and make the right choice for you. Use the intuitive rays of the Moon to guide you in the right direction. It’s time to get off the fence and do it!

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