Full Moon Tarot Reading – What Is Your Message?

Full Moon Tarot Reading – What is your Psychic Moon Message?

As the Full Moon rises and brazenly takes over the sky our intuition is flooded with energy. If we are ignoring our emotions we may feel washed in a tumble dryer of confusion. If we aren’t paying attention to our intuition the Moon gives us a clear message.

Today’s Tarot reading shines a moon ray into your hidden wisdom. Is there a message behind one of these three Tarot cards?


Tarot Card One – The Three of Cups

Check out these three birds, they know how to have a good time! Chattering on a branch with three cups of (wisdom, prosecco, gin, water, you pick!) shooting the breeze and enjoying connecting to the Moon’s messages. This card reminds us of the importance of kinship. Who are you gathering with tonight?

Have you thought about hanging out with your psychic soul fam? How about starting a learning circle? It could be a Moon group, a book group a crystal meditation get together or anything you fancy. Together we are stronger is not just a hashtag. When we merge with folk with a similar vibration we all grow evolve and become more powerful.

Hang out with your sisterhood, your wild ones, your fam group, pals or whatever your soul says you need right now. Join forces with your besties and celebrate life. Take time to be authentic and explore what your intuition is telling you. A message from a friend is coming.


Tarot Card Two – Son Of Pentacles

This grounded card is perfect for tonights Moon. Lovely Deer has their head firmly forward, yet they walk in gentleness. There is no rush, there is no need to fight the flow or push for pushing’s sake. You are on the right track, have faith, keep going.

You are at the start of an important soul quest. It may have taken you some time to get to this stage. However, each sacred hoof you place upon the earth leads you onwards. Your obvious commitment and deep heart will win you supporters and collaborators. Seek mentors but most of all trust your own wisdom.


Tarot Card Three – The Wheel of Fortune

The Moon is whispering that your fortune is about to change. An energy shift is bringing a brand new cycle. When the Wheel turns we are cast into a fresh reality. Plans you made, even before you arrived here, are being laid down. Trust in the journey. Pay attention to the signs today. Write down your dreams and open your heart to the messages being sent.

We might not like the feeling of being out of control that The Wheel of Fortune sometimes delivers, but if we look back on our lives so far, it is the times of surprise or shake up that generally lead us on.

When the Wheel turns we end up in a whole new Universe. Notice the Owl perched above the Wheel. The wise old owl is serene, she’s seen it all before and knows what a fabulous divine artwork our life is.


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