Free Tarot Reading – Your Current Spiritual Vibe

Hello Gorgeous Soul,

Our energy has a profound impact on where we are heading and what we attract towards us. Can one of these three Tarot Cards reveal where you are at spiritually and give you advice on how to make the most of it?

Concentrate on the cards and choose one that stands out to you.

Love Michele x

Tarot Card One – The Six of Cups

The meaning of the six of cups is profound. In the traditional Tarot, it signifies a past life connection, a pure-hearted love. The six of cups shows us that we are all connected and strands of our energy reach across time.

In the wonderous Wild Unknown Tarot, the roots of the tree are colourful and abundant, twisting and turning beneath the surface. Like the tree, we have many levels and depths beneath us, that we have gathered over lifetimes on our soul’s journey. Deep within your being, your spirit is as pure and powerful as it ever was.

Trust that you have more resources within you than you know, that other soul connections will pop into your life just when you least expect it. Trust that you are infinitely connected to divine source. Whatever you are waiting for, a loving energy is coming to help, or just to remind you of the magic that exists in the cosmos. Hangout with people that get you, old pals, spiritual connections and pure spirits.

Tarot Card Two – The Ten of Pentacles.

There is a sense of grounding and abundance entering your life. Perhaps you are about to have a family gathering or meet up with friends that value you? The meaning of the Ten of Pentacles is all about surviving and thriving. You have achieved more than you know. Your knowledge is plentiful and growing. Your wisdom will bring rewards. You can afford to put your feet up and reflect on how far your warrior spirit has come.

The meaning of the Ten of Pentacles assures you that you have it within you to succeed and flourish. If you meet someone today that is further back along the path, lend a helping hand. Your generosity of spirit will be repaid.

The Son of Cups

Your energy is soulful and deep. Expect a message to ride up from the depths of your being. Trust your intuition. Indulge in artistic and creative activities and let that gorgeous energy of your’s flow.

You might meet a loving soul who has this energy but they could be mysterious so that you never know what they are truly thinking. Give them space to reveal who they are and don’t give your own power away in the process.

The meaning of the Son of  Cups assures you that you’vee already started your spiritual quest,  that you are on your path. Keep your wits about you and don’t fall for snake oil sales peeps. You have tremendous psychic ability and sensitivity but keep to grow, keep it grounded.

One thought on “Free Tarot Reading – Your Current Spiritual Vibe

  1. This website is wonderful. I was a professional Tarot reader and every day I did my own cards! Only short readings to see how my day would go! Just before I go to sleep I look up Michelle’s website! I don’t smoke but the Tarot are my cigarette! They relax me and give me a boost when things go awry! Thank you Michelle for having an amazing free tarot and other enjoyable readings! May you always be very successful and I know you only employ the best readers. Kindest wishes. Gail.

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